Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 9

Afternoon Delight

Welcome, you wonderful reader. This is your Official Pornstars® Gallery, your afternoon delight. Yes I know, I started the exact same way yesterday, but today it's a different afternoon, and a different delight. Just equally uh, delightful. My vocabulary has unfortunately not changed either.

So! Today to delight us after our noon we have Dokielicious Doobie, and on the pic with her Logan O'Leary. There's no woman as talented as Dokie in making her body accessible through that hardy SL clothing. But there's more delight to come: if you enjoyed Ashlynn Jameson shot by Junah in our Sexiest® Pornstar bit earlier, you'll love also the backstage views offered by Melinakis right below. And we have: more motivational messages by Laura Demonista for her friends from the colonies, Delicence, a selection from 2 really fetching photoshoots featuring respectively Leylani 'Bella' Wolfgang with a ladder, and Precious Blanco with a Rider.
Then: Thorgal McGillivary, Sven Midgaard with Whimsical Aristocrat, Domino Dupre, photos from Pamela Kanto, Nearly Doune, Jaden Eberhardt, Don Roodborst with EvaSasha, Amosa Sugarplum, Elroy Click.

Now we are ready for a good evening of parties, of course. Aren't we always? Enjoy!

During Junah's photo-shoot After JUnah's photo-shoot From The Hip Lèvres slight adjustment slight adjustment slight adjustment slight adjustment Rider Hedo Hedo Hedo thorbath4 thorbath5 Beach Day with Whims.... Beach Day with Whims.... Surf, Sand and Skin chaleur d'une nuit d'été Frenchy 9 Frenchy 2 Driven 4 Driven 5 Licking Eva 1200x960 Spreading my legs

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