Saturday, August 9, 2014

'Erotic Emotions' by Lady Bane

erotic 1

Many many very suggestive and stimulating photoshoots around lately: there are some from a couple weeks back still that I am dying to blog soon. But, this very recent one from Lady Bane caught my attention, for a series of reasons. One of them of course being the presence of the always pretty Parthenea Mytilene. In Lady Bane's words:

Have you ever had a Erotic Fantasy where you just want someone to take control? I know i have.

Thank you Partee and Jimbo you both are awsome

Thank you indeed, and enjoy this dark and sensual photo album, on Lady Bane's flickr!

erotic 3

erotic 4

erotic 5

erotic 6

erotic 7

erotic 9

erotic 11

erotic 12

erotic 13

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