Sunday, August 24, 2014

'Paid in Full' by Dokie

Paid in Full

Here on the blog, we have a great fondness for naughty comic books. You might or might not be a graphic novels fan, but it's easy to see that it allows a lot of creative freedom, mixing the qualities of writing together with the communicative energy and flair of pictures.

One artists who we have seen in the past making comics and whose graphic style is a total fit for the comic book panel format, is without a doubt Dokielicious Doobie. Long story short: she made her new one. It's called 'Paid in Full'. I adore it, incidentally, but what should interest you is : it's packed full with sexy action.

Paid in Full

What I love about it, besides the fact that it's so well done, is the way it effectively runs with what is possibly the most used stereotype story of porn west of pizza delivery, but plays it perfectly, and, no spoilers but , without subverting it, does it in total Dokie fashion. Her fondness for playing kinky and challenging 'games' in sex that I so appreciated in one of my favourite pieces in porn 'history', her interview with Dominic Dawes, is seen at work again here.
Paid in Full

Oh right! Speaking of Dawes: in this post and on Dokie's flickr you'll see a very limited selection of preview shots. You will find this in its entirety tho on the Obsession blog. Let the page load for a moment, and look at the whole picture slideshow. It's a great way to enjoy the photography. And now, I let Dokie take it,

Paid in Full

This is the end result of three months of extensive planning, production, and post-processing.
Which is quite ridiculous, considering I don't get paid a damn nickel for any of this stuff.
But hey! It was fun to produce, and above all, I hope it's fun for everyone to read.
(And yes, boys, that means READ the story, don't just flip the pages until you get to the good parts...)
So enjoy!

Donations lindens, not sheep, please.
Let me know what you think on the Flickr preview shots:

Thank you Dominic Dawes for letting me present this on your blog.

Paid in Full ...and now go enjoy Dokie's good parts !!

Paid in Full

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