Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Pornstars Rack : August Magazines again

Yep! It came out yesterday.


Aroused! Magazine Issue 8

Not even on the day of Assumption of Mary you should assume that Marika is gonna take a break from her pornstar duties. Wow that was a really bad segway. Well, fact is: this young publication is at its 8th installment already, and shows another quality lineup

Kat Kassner looking all meowy with her Hello Titty, err Kitty tat.

First, the photographers that in this hot (just play along...) summer have delivered the goods to help bringing a new issue to life: we have appreciated the talents and assets of the lovely Kat Kassner for a while now, and it's a pleasure to see her showing off for a magazine. But you will also find the talentuous Talisker Braveheart at work with his very unique touch and imagination, and pinups from Graham Collinson, who needs no introduction. From his vaste portfolio, we have unseen photos of Darkangel69 Vig, Jessica Running Bear, Jodi Sharple, Ravnous Black. More on these beauties later on the Gallery. And, you get a glimpse of the porn set through Adara Avon's photos at the end, with the 'Directo at work' feature. And who is the director in this issue?

You want to look your opponent in the eye, when you bend over playing naked pool.

Marika's days (I have insided information on that) are quite full, but the magnitude and the quality of her effort in producing the magazine and putting talent on the spotlight is commendable. She again engineers 2 so very sensual modeling photoshoots, with Junah, and with cover boy Jeremy Seasick in a highly atmospheric production that alone is well worth the price. Oh no, wait...

While you wait for the hilarious punchile, look at some naked Junah. She's kinda hot and stuff.

...I nearly forgot, Aroused! is free!

So get it on MP in the link above, and contact Marika Blaisdale. She loves feedback and who knows what could happen in the future. Que sera, sera.

Feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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