Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 27

Happy Birthday Brian!

Hello and welcome, and, just in case you are Burly Tigerpaw, happy RL birthday!

You can see a picture of him above, in case you are not sure if you actually happen to be him and just forgot. All the following hot guys and more than eye-candy girls are not him, but you are welcome to observe them anyway.
For this is the Official Pornstars® Gallery!

And we have today on the blog: Omer Smithson with Alianora May, Hard Rust with Spirit Eleonara (by Spirit), Jeremy Duncan, Daimaju Clowes in 2 pics by and with Laura Demonista, 'Marcus & Pop' by Graham Collinson, Master Darius, 3 shots by Syn Nightly featuring Pandora Nitely.
And more artwork, by Bianca Xavorin, Bernard Broono introducing Enda Clarity, Dee featuring Tanner Ryder, Dannii Ghost x3, Lovely Luvs, Lynn (Ainadara Resident) with her Master, security footage by Kat Kassner and by Roxanne Foxdale, and we close with quality male pin-ups by the very talented Bre Leroux and by Drey Messmer, and with Yoho Waco doing some heavy lifting. Have a good hump-day!

nora & omer Mapping the Globe(s) x. l'art de la séduction Successful Seduction Marcus & Pop Yeah babe you got that spot On the beach On the beach On the beach Wild Hearts (revisit) Introducing Enda Clarity II Untitled My Gift Lust Thrust All my life mh... Security-cam CCTV Reyn Cirrus Wraith Profile 3 8242014 mask_114E copy Siempre tu... mi amor

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