Thursday, August 7, 2014

Look Out For...Salena Lima

Rainbow 08

At first glance already, this model had all I love in a person to feature in the blog: a gorgeous exotic look, and a taste for sexy and unconventional pictures. So I happily started following her flickr, and here's a selection of her beautiful shoots from the past month. The name was oddly familiar tho, and I actually had her already in my contacts. And I couldn't quite get my head around it. Much to my partner's dismay. *rimshot*

Then...oh darn, Of COURSE. SALLY! The woman here has been the muse and inspiration for countless of the best shoots of one of my favourite SL photographers, mr. Nearly Doune! Duh.

I could make a series of posts with merely a fraction of the great photo sets this model has been in and actively inspired and brought to life through the years, constantly evolving her look and experimenting with mesh parts and bodies before it became the trend that it is now. But this post is about her beautiful pictures and recent activity on her flickr stream, and so....enjoy it! I look forward to see more of Salena soon, under her own lens or other talented photo and videographers.

(male model featured in her 'Pull' shoot, is, well, her friend Pull! What are the odds?)

Pull 02

Pull 03

Pull 04

Pull 06

Pull 07

Pull 09

Pull 10

Rainbow 01

Rainbow 04

Rage, rage against the dying of the light



Fallen from the nest

Of the corn 02

Dead End 01

London Calling 03

London Calling 01

London Calling 02

Pining over him 02

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