Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lacee, Zuriel & Vixxen on the Boat

6-22-14 Lacee & Vixxen_002

This so very summer-y photo session featuring the darn hot Lacee Laviscu was published in 2 separate times, first the steamy sex with Zuriel Bedlam, then this totally delicious eye-candy bonus with Vixxen.

Back when I had done the photo shoot of the lovely Lacee with Zuriel, I snuck in a few shots of her and I (as Vixxen) together, as well. I'd gotten distracted with other projects since then, but I finally get to show off these sexy pics of Lacee and me. She is one hot lady! Thanks for posing with me, as well, Lacee.

I would have gotten distracted too, but during the shoot. A lot !
Enjoy the exquisite pics by Lisa, on her flickr and the Edenfell blog.

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_001

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_005

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_006

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_008

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_009

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_011

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_012

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_014

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_016

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_018

6-22-14 Lacee & Zuriel_019

6-22-14 Lacee & Vixxen_005

6-22-14 Lacee & Vixxen_006

6-22-14 Lacee & Vixxen_007

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