Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 16

Squeaky Clean

Hello and welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery. It's Saturday, and.... well, it's Saturday. Do I need to have an special intro every day ? Just giggle with Laura Demonista's picture above, and as you keep snickering, check out all the rest of the hawt pictures.

Such as Zach Larsen's photo of the ever charming EmeeLee Ember, and Graham Collinson's portrayal of Jodi Sharple. Pardon me as I sneak in a pic for Shark Week (Shark Week! I love Shark Week!) coming from Iris Sweet' stream, and I show a wet Ayara Illios, before coming back to Graham's work with Jessica Running Bear in two pics, and Ravnous Black and DarkAngel69 Vig. All these hot models and more on this issue of Aroused! Ok...where was I? Oh yeah! Tammy by Solidx, a lil' pic coming from a huuuge set on Jeredin Denimore's flickr, and 2 sensual views of Sulkie Sorbet from Mr. S'.
Then, sorry but more Graham , this time as model of yet another couple of compositions from Whimsical Aristocrat. They are so clever I feel my IQ has increased simply by gawking them. Then, pure Pornspiration by Mad Firecaster, a nice sneek peek at a barechested Jamezz Doulton, Salena Lima, Lua Zemenis with DarkGlooms Dover, Krystal Steal, today's groom Sam Hanks, today's bride Bewitched Difference (oh, was it a shotgun wedding then?) and finally, Kayce by Patterson Core. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to Be and Sam! Where's the buffet? I'd better hurry and find out. See you tomorrow! :o

Waterfalls Jodi - Colors IV Student and teacher. wet Jessica III Jessica IV Ravnous Dark - Goddess II Tammy! Jeredin and Candi 24 Spotlight Bathing Sulkie's Diary Endangered Encumbered Pornspiration. Window Miss Salena's Burlesque Peep Show Cicatrices del alma, reflejadas en tu piel... Alone in the Club Getting Ready to be taken off the market Expecting....

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