Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: September Magazines

New month, and obviously new...

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed September Issue

'At the movies' is as we know a theme with a lot of potential, and Busted ran with it this month, delivering memorable photoshoots. The most prominently featured personality of the issue is without a doubt the cover model Tara Asamoah, not just showing her beauty through shots by Rachel, Spirit and Nico, and her personality in an interview by Del of Seraphim fame, but also bringing us her fashion column, that thanks also to the curvy graces of River Oryl and Ivori Faith, really incarnates the theme of the month perfectly.

Ivori and River dressed as movie stars. You'd need a 16:9 screen to catch fully their combined erection.

Busted is always a great source of quality photos, with the return of Kei Frequency and the welcome addition of Laredo Lowtide, someone who is no stranger to our flickr group members. They add to the usual standard of sexy and inventive pin-ups by Rachel herself and Lexie Jansma: featured in this issue, you can find from the porn community the likes of Keeley Snowfall, Marika Svenson, Teresa 'TT' Tatham, Ayara with her Pink Point, and appearances from Suzi Starr Gemini (suzijane) and Robin Rondini. And readers who might not be familiar with what's happening to Hard Alley will find their interest sparked by the piece written by Spirit Eleonara about it, a big teaser of things to come!

If you visit Busted's HQ, you can get into Be and Rachel's greasy panties!

And as Busted long time readers probably already suspected...the next issue is gonna be a very special one! It will be in fact a reader special, with, as incentive for the winner, the honour of being on the cover, and a 2'000 L$ prize! Not to bad! Rules are the usual for submission to Busted and read them carefully! I am not getting into details here, and i let you find out by getting the NC inside this issue, that is of course a must get! Also, I am allergic to typing "no" and "sex" contiguously.

Be being raped by a spider. Again.

So, go get Busted! Visit their new HQ, where you can grab it from a kiosk, which has also a handy 'subscribe' button so you can be sure to get your monthly fix of printed boobies.

And now, my bye bye and usual fix of disclaimer: Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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