Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alexandria Topaz and 'Her After School Special"

Again a movie post today, and it's about the much anticipated (from me at least!) return to movies by the smexy Alexandria Topaz!

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To our blog viewers Alexandria is a known name for her photography, and she is also no stranger to the party scene..and usually sporting looks that don't let her presence go unnoticed, for sure! But what some of the most recent Pornstars members and blog visitors might not know, is Alexandria's directing credits. Most of Alexandria's previous movie production is still not avalaible for viewing and hasn't since the demise of SL Porn Tube, but she distinguished herself in the past for the same virtues you can appreciate in this new flick "Her After School Special".

" River has his mind on everything but his studies. In comes Alexa a friend of his moms, Partee, who he seems to fall fond of... A cougars tale of how she enwraps the youngest of men for the most wildest time. It's a short filmed filled with 5 minutes of acting and 10 minutes of Heating you up! "

Alexandria's filming style is fresh and unique: from the split-screen to the fast panoramic shots, you will find plenty to admire about her technique, and the '5 minutes of acting' promised in the blurb above required without a doubt a lot of effort, and gave the 10 minutes of hot sex a perfect setup, establishing a kinky predicament with a healthy tongue-in-cheek approach.

I get all my workout tips from porn, I admit. If you are planning to get your parenting lessons from porn as well, including the academic career tips for your progeny, I hope you have MILF credentials like Partee here!

Because of course when I mentioned that the movie required a notable effort, you could bet money that she was going to be involved: yes, this is another one of those countless movies and shoots where Partee puts to good use her set building skills. Special thanks from Alexandria also to Glock Weezles for the location, and writing credits go to one usual suspect , that naughty boy Eros Plutonian.

Alexandria and the newcomer to movies River Viiperi without a doubt are a great on-screen couple. Their sex sequence shines for variety and will certainly appease your porn needs -oh boy it surely will.

A big thanks to Alexandria for sending me the higher quality screenshots for the post: you can see this and more on the Peaches N Cream blog, where you can easily follow her many endeavours! If you want, of course.

The movie is after the jump. Hit me up inworld so we can arrange a post about your work: magazines, videos, initiatives relevant to our community are always welcome!

Her After School Special 

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  1. Great post as usual, and great movie! From one of the all time Sexiest Pornstar babes! Congrats Alexandria.