Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: More Holiday Magazines!

What is Santa going to bring you for Xxxmass? Maybe this new issue of ....


I am not quite sure he could fit it on his sled, to be honest. This thing is big! With about 570 pages (!!!), this magazine already costed a fortune just in upload fees! Handle it with care. Especially because if you drop it, it might break your foot.

No, this was not the last picture even taken of Bee, even if she is surrounded by godless killing machines.

Ribbing aside, Playhouse of course couldn't let his December issue be anything but special, and it is indeed an issue in full festive mood from beginning to end. The owner Jazmyn Storm as usual put plenty of work in this pet (literally!) project of hers, with the astonishing number of pictures coming from the lenghtiest photoshoots in the biz distrubuted in over a dozen of models featured.


One rare clothed picture of the smiling Jenny Starveling, in one of the most exciting shoots of the magazine.

The inspiration for Playhouse is well known, and it's nice to see the 'pet of the month' format in full swing, with many winners from the past months making an appearance to 'host' the magazine introducing the shoots. Of course I am going to point out here the partecipation of Sexiest Pornstars group members such as BeeQueen Smythe, Jenny Starveling, Michaela Vixen (vampbait69), Paige (itsmepaige), and of course, Partee and her arse!

Well...imagine finding THAT under your tree. Yes, you have to imagine having a tree that big first, ok...

Not to be redundant or anything, but this magazine is really huge! A big congratulations to Jazmyn for carrying an ambitous project on her sensual shoulders, and her Pet of The Month contest certainly draws attention and competition. If you like what you see in the magazine and you are interested , you definitely should contact her.

You'll see more of Michaela in the next issue as January's pet!

Ask JazmynCrystalStorm Resident for a copy of the magazine, or pop up by their HQ! There's more voting coming up, for their newest issue and for the epic Pet of the Year turnabout.

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