Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Intergalactic SLUTS in Action!

I don't know if you are aware but ...XMAS is coming! Like, seriously...are you done with your shopping? Because by now, not even the fabled Amazon drones could get your package in time, if you planned to shop online. On the Pornstars Blog we refrain from explicitly endorsing commercial products and initiatives: I have to admit tho, I am pretty satisfied with what I got under my tree this year (besides lots and lots of needles and not even one valuable nut).

Miss Emily managed to surprise the porn world this year again: after her full feature movie productions from the 2013 and 2014, 2015 saw the debut of a webseries that seems destined to a bright future. Even snatching (the use of the word 'snatch' seems fitting) an unprecedented business deal for a whole line of toys, pardon, action figures company!

Again, not to promote merchandise or anything, but these dolls action figures are good! Anatomically correct and everything, some even manufactured in limited edition with actual uses that double as sex toy. Word of advice: don't buy those used, they don't take bleaching too well.

" Forgot about Tickle Me Elmo! This modern take on the Star Trek/Wars Action figures is disappearing off toy store shelves everywhere — and adult figurine enthusiast are in a frenzy to find one!

" The Intergalactic SLUTS web series started in June this year on the Miss Emily's blog and sites Naughty Machinima and Xvideos. The viewership was mostly Second Life adult machinima makers and quickly spread to other machinima makers, the series has transcended Second Life, machinima and porn to be a accepted as a "main stream erotic animated space series". Every young adult males dream, hot, near naked, bad ass women in outer space having lots of sex!! "

This is just a part of the very informative article found on Miss Emily's website, which will I am sure dispell all your residual doubts: these puppets action figures are worth every penny, nearly indestructible (I dare you to send me a pic of a damaged ones - no, headless pics of Slave Rachel doesn't count) entirely atoxic, almost homeopatic.

They are not immune to problems: some of them are choking hazards - although of course, don't let a kid near any of these-, and the last lot of the Lt. Simondsen figurine action figure suffered a curious manufacturing incident -it's basically a Captain Emily one with lipstick paint and a different hair- but that might turn it into a collector's item on Ebay.

Merchadise news aside ( I mistakingly bought the one on the right thinking it was a special edition of Partee's), Miss Emily's blog is also worth keeping an eye on for your xmas movie needs - she has always a vaste archive for the holidays and if you have not been counting down to Christmas with one movie a day, you are still in time to catch up ! ...waiting of course for THE big news, that will be the release of the season finale of Intergalactic Sluts. Where you will know for sure if your beloved plastic thing action figure is a survivor, or a goner!

Just in case, all the links to Emily's 16 Movies Of Christmas so far (i'll update :p), are here under the jump.
Merry Xmas, everyone :-)

1 - Santa Claus is Cumming  Emily, Linda (liltxsmile), Thorgal McGillivary

2 - North Pole Lesbians  Emily, Linda

3 - Santa's Pole Emily, Linda, Rocco (VanHelsing Svoboda)

4 - Santa's Naughty Helpers Emily, Linda, Lestat Draconia, RavenmanSkwer

5 - Christmas Lesbian Orgy Emily, Linda, Ayara Illios, Adayra Renfield, Nikki Luv

6 - Getting Santa Off Emily, Hunter Sorrelwood

7 - Christmas Shopping Emily, Egle Burt

8 - Blow Job at the North Pole Charleenah, Texas Rob

9 - Make Me Gag Santa KandyyKane, Texas Rob

10 - Wishing For Santa Emily, Texas Rob

11 - Department Store Santa Thorgal McGillivary, Chloe Deimatov, Kandy Starship, Raelin Jestyr, Elikapekaethereal, LouSL, Emily, Bell Genira, Marika Svenson, Zoey Winsmore

12 - MILF and Cookies Leannan Wolfgang (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw), Zuriel Bedlam, Edvard Taurion

13 - Christmas Magic, The Magic of Tits Erin Cedarbridge, Sil

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