Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wanna flick? Wanna ride, too?

Movies! Something for the guys! The most exciting view, I know. Good looking, so smooth, a pleasure to ride, and will take you places! Scratching ain't a problem, it'll buff out!

Well, speaking of buff, Morph Wyx has something for you...and for Celestria Magic's tailpipe!

Self explanatory much? It's Morph Wyx's latest flick, and features once more an actress who has been a constant source of inspiration, and shows more affinity for costumes than a porn Barbie doll!

In this motor-themed flick she gets a much improved fate compared to her previous time being stored in the trunk for a hour long drive in the suburbs: she is one sexy pilot who gets to meet the Rufus Ruffcut of porn in a close encounter that will get her tank all filled up !

A typical Wild Erotica flick that opens with Morph having some fun filming the car in true Top Gear fashion - and very well at that - , this once more is a good vehicle (no pun intended) for Celestria and her fab look. If you are into girls with notable, sizeable attributes of femininity (badonkadonk, chesticles, but also nails and lashes!) and crazy-ass heels, this movie is for you! Oh, and again, cars!

Speaking of cars...I really was not expecting to see this meme surface again, but man, tell me if it's not the perfect title for a porn flick!

The latest from Castle Ivana's Ivana Hanni, this "I wanna fuck you up in the ass", certainly wins points for the originality of the opening! Speaking of the opening...clearly this movie is all about rough sex, a speciality of the establishment!

 And some hot closeups in this flick for sure. Ivana's filming skills are ever improving.


I invite you to read back the interview Ivana released to our blog at the time of her first flicks, and check out more of her recent production. Ivana is always willing to get real men for her filming needs!

Both movies are avalaible on Naughty machinima for your viewing pleasure, and both are here after the jump.
The hotdog shirt is not easy to find, but I want one!
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The Porn Race 

I wanna fuck you in the ass 

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