Thursday, December 17, 2015

Serial Clickers - Don't switch channels...yet!

Covering what's been happening in porn, I had the chance to blog about the beginning of a certain photo series by the ever original Carla Draesia: Porn on tv. I knew that Carla's mercurial style and penchant to surprise the viewers would turn the simple "a model on a sybian" premise into something wild, but I could hardly predict that the series would go on to reach by the end of last month the totally insane 200th model mark, and is still going strong!

Porn on Tv

The delicious Cream Release was the one to properly christen the sybian for its next 200 shoots!

The beautiful Carla, whom I had the pleasure to have also as cover girl in my partner's magazine's Aroused at the time of this important milestone, was kind  enough to share some more about what happens in her mind when it's time to keep the series running and try and mantain it fresh and interesting. So here you have, her writeup about the series. Enjoy!

Genesis of my serial "Porn On TV"

All began with the purchase of the *Belle's *Old Fukk'in TV. I found this equipment very exciting and began to use it myself. Quickly I wanted to add an extra touch of realism by adding a sybian which goes further than a simple masturbation: have fun enjoying a vulva and ass fuck for women and futas and a double-plug-anal penetration for shemales while watching a Xrated video is much more satisfying.

Porn on Tv

At first, I took a few pictures of myself and soon I offer to my closer friends to join and model for me. The idea of a great series raised in my mind and that is how all began!

Technically I always take 4 differents poses for each model:

- The first is a face shoot as if the lurker was at the left of the TV: this shoot is always published in my album. Here's an example :

Porn on Tv

- The second shoot in the back of the sybian user and has the particularity to show the photographer (m,e lol) in the background: this pic is published on Flickr from time to time.

Porn on Tv

-The third is a close up face shot, example at the beginning of the post, with Cream.

- And finally, the last one looks like the 3rd but with a below cam shoot.
I plan to post these 'alternative' angles eventually, but always depends on my time.

Porn on Tv

On rare occasions i add other view angles:

Porn on Tv

The differences in the final pictures are in the editing treatments of the issues: each avatar has a personalized treatment depending on my mood but mainly depending on the personality that i feel in my mind (the one of the avatar).

Porn on Tv

We have reach at this day the 207th hottie.

Porn on Tv

Until now, any person who asked me to be photographed was accepted and I do not plan to stop this series: it will continue to grow in number of avatars and, why not, also add some variations while maintaining a constant: the sybian.

Let me conclude by thanking all the models who have loan their beautiful bodies. I am grateful to all the SL enthusiasts who have rewarded me with their interest and also provide comments and / or suggestions.

With love
carla Draesia

Porn on Tv

Congrats to Carla, for putting a veritable who's who of the porn scene on her sybian, and looking forward to see this shoot grow further, crushing every possible record for most people involved!
Check out the set , and Carla's whole flickr for that matter! It's never boring, which can't be said for what's on tv these days (yawn, ANOTHER 'Trading Places' repeat?)

Dear reader, please feel free to contact me for any project involving you and that might be interest our Pornstars community! I love to cover your work and have fun talking about what's on your mind.

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