Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: White Hot Xmas!

As we jingle all the way through the snow, I have to share something about the latest issue of...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 34

Every magazine that came out this month has a healthy (or unhealthy, perhaps!) dose of Xmas sugariness plaguing it, and Aroused makes no exception. If you take a peek at the magazine in its introductory pages, dare I say impeccably designed as they are is (by its owner Marika Blaisdale), you can already get a rambling from its current editor-in-name. Yes, what I am getting at, is that I already presented this material in my foreword, and now I am trying desperately not to repeat myself, ok?

Silent Night

'Silent Night' by Lylah Landar: perfect example of a non-conventional Christmas photoset, Aroused!-style

Nah, I am kidding! There's always so much to say about Aroused. I will try to be brief , though. Aroused leaves complete freedom to the photographers about their pictures' theme. The results was an issue definitely festive, but that wouldn't make the Grinch even more bilious. In the end, it delivers what is most important about xmas.

And that of course, is boobs. In this case, Ali Fox's.

Oh man, so many talented photographers, so many beautiful models. I was deligthed to give the cover spot to one of those photographers who contributed to the magazine and embodies its spirit in more ways than one, Sandra Palletier. And incidentally with a photoshoot that features her partner, and an accomplished artist on her own, Leinjan Aries. And her second photoshoot....Oh I am not gonna tell you who is with. One person I have to pretty much equate with Xmas this year, for reasons that many of you already know.

Star Wars

Lara Sands-Dieterle, here seen waiting outside the theater for the first show of "The Force Awakens"

Hard for me to tell which shoot I enjoyed the most. Sandra's work stood out, but what about the sublime eroticism captured by Sasquatch Rhino in his shoot with Ali Fox, and 'balanced' by the monochrome tasteful nudes of the lovely Charlottexoxoxo? And Lylah Landar's ace photoshoot? Pure inspiration and the level of naughty that you can find only in a magazine like Aroused. And Melina Jameson again gave to the magazine an invaluable contribution, with her playful erotic holiday cards-like pics. I am thankful to her for her work and support from the bottom of my heart.

"His stick or mine?" or "Who got wood now?" are 2 possible titles for this pic with Natty(NatassiaDreams), by Melina!

But I am not gonna use this space to give my Fallon-esque "thank you notes" to each and every person who appeared here: they deserve it, but my appreciation is just one little opinion from one person: they deserve much more to be seen in their art, in their appearance, in their work and being. Especially those who made their magazine debut as photographers with this issue! Angie Wild (Oyo Mills), Chrissy Zipper, Jenny Starveling: you all know them, and if you don't, great, check their work out and you'll be fans, I am sure.

I know I am!

And the special mention goes to Nicasio Ansar. Why him? Well! Well, of course he brought to the magazine again two photosets, one with one of the most remarkable models on the adult entertainment scene in Ashley Sugarplum, the other putting his photographic talents to the service of one of the most notable personalities, the imaginative and always beautiful Warmanimations Lisa, that we are grateful for her sponsorship throughout the magazine's run.

Darn, did you really have to use that finger for your sampling?

BUT ALSO, because he decided to host an exhibit dedicated to the magazine, on his sim.
Nica's White Moment sim is one of the many hidden gems of SL. I hope that when you visit the gallery of the magazine you'll take your time enjoying the pictures as an art gallery experience of sorts, something to navigate through, perhaps with a friend (the thoughtful Nica 'hid' a dance machine that will make any of your terpsichorean needs come true), even themed mesh clothing in standard sizes and fitted mesh bodies versions (!). But once you are done, just go outside and have a look at the magnificence that is the sim.

No really, the sim is gorgeous! What do you mean I should have picked a landscape shot? Pfft...

Well, once more I am not left with much to say besides telling you that the magazine is avalaible on Marketplace, and on Issuu. Have wonderful holidays, and stay tuned for more posts as always.

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