Monday, December 21, 2015

Coming out of Hiding....With a Video Game?

Five years ago this crazy blond DJ i kept chasing around talked me into be a extra in one of his porn movies...Mc 'Lovin It...yep it took place in a McDonalds type of setting in SL. IT peeked my Interest so then I then got to be in his next movie right after that House Rules... i starred... it was December... it came out.. i joined the group.. he talked me into submitting my name for the awards.. and i won best in oral... well the rest is history.. Thorgal and I have been working together ever since...

We both have been a little absence this year... i took time off from sl after i got done being head judge for this groups awards... and Thor has had some RL stuff too.. but he is back to be perverted
as ever.. and I am around and hopefully in the new year a lot more to work with you men again:)

For now.... lets play some Mario Brothers??

Photos by Thorgal McGillivary  with himself and (me) Eva Brunswick


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