Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Moving On After Movember

It's easy to lose track of worthwile initiatives once their allotted time is over, but just as Movember is over, I am sure you will enjoy looking back at Jewell Infinity's work. Not only she wins points for consistency having brought us this awareness-raising series already in the past, but also she did a job commendable on its own and not only because of the higher purpose.

Projects aimed at male talents are always welcome (you know, there's some, but never enough! ), and there's a great variety of people to be seen, lending their face and more or less prosthetic 'stache to the cause! Including the models above, Bane Caedus and Don Roodborst, but also...

Purplerain Exonar

Ryu Quasimodo

Tailor Riederer

Sasquatch Rhino

Mr. Dai

Manuel Poza


Toni Rose


Chris C.

and here below, Traci Quandry! Don't forget to check out The Midnight Sun blog, for the complete series, and for all the other projects they run, including something we'll certainly bring the spotlight on in the future: the "50 Shades Of BetteAnne Paige" project. And Midnight's patented pinups! And more from Jewell.
Enjoy your day, and if you are a guy, hey....don't forget what this series in particular was about !

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