Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: In case you hadn't enough...

Hoping everyone had a merry Christmas, I have to mention ...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #3 (December 2015)

Yes yes, it's almost embarassing for me to blog about stuff with my pixel face (and more) on it, but hey, if you have followed The Sexiest flickr group, not to mention this blog too (duh!) thanks to the work of Ali on the gallery posts, you have seen me all Santa'd up throughout the whole month. And for that, I have to thank the delightful Cream Release, author of the cover of Connoisseur for this issue, after her gorgeous shoots of Emily and Erin Cedarbridge in the previous issues.

A lot of remarkable content in this issue, thanks to the Connoisseur staff in full swing!

And the reason why she has so many pics of me in coca cola-ish garb, is because we went through a few reshoots, in different locations. I want to use this space to give the highest possible praise to Cream for her patience, her dedication, and for being an invaluable collaborator any magazine could wish for.
But also to Edvard Taurion, for having a clear vision of what the magazine wanted to portray, giving justice to the his role of magazine editor. The end results proved to be really noteworthy and inspired.

Gaheris Edelmann and Whimsical Aristocrat, in another erotic story by the multitalented Aussie.

A'ight, enough about my silly face: this magazine has much more than that going for it than Cream's fine photo skills. In fact, the magazine certainly has fine photography in it, but first and foremost, does its best to be a complete , entertaining, informative magazine. You already know the excellent interviews by Edvard himself, with the capable editor and 'pet' centerfold photographer Athena's photography as complement, but in this issue you will get the chance to learn more about 2 quite interesting sims thanks to an extensive reportage by the new staff member Beccha.

A trip in two intriguing sims, with Beccha's guide and talking with the creators.

The sim reports, complete with photos, interviews and anything you could possibly wish to know, represent a true highlight and added value for the magazine, helping setting up the winter mood too! But there's plenty more for the reader to spot. With contributions from Jodi Sharple, Beequeen Smythe, Whimsical Aristocrat, and the continuous work by the editorial staff as well, Connoisseur is a great read any time of the year, and the direct responsible for all those pics of me that SL's cutest pretend jew flooded her flickr with. Have a wonderful rest of the holidays , everyone!

SL Connoisseur #3 (December 2015)

One funny comic by BeeQueen Smythe completes the lineup of the magazine!

Oh yes. Almost forgot: the magazine can be found in world in an increasing number of kiosks. At the locations where Pornstars parties happen - such as Club Yana's this evening! , and in many others, some listed on Edvard Taurion's profile. Enjoy!

Talk to me about all your projects, you KNOW i love to hear about your work!

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