Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Crimbo mags !

If you thought that the best British contribution to Xmas are "Love Actually" and that Scrooge guy, well, think again because this year we have also....


Britannia XXX issue 9

The Brit-X December issue, of course!
Yes, I love to see quality pictorials , it's one of the reasons why magazines deserve attention in the crowded world of SL photography. And this issue of Brit-x doesn't fail to deliver that, gift-wrapping for you sensational models!

Could someone named 'Holly' miss the Xmas issue of the magazine?Thanks to Carter's set , she did not!

This issue's official lineup sees two jaw-dropping beauties shot by Laredo Lowtide in his usual creative fashion and with yet another cover-quality effort, plus a photo spread of a sophisticated looking Roxxxy Foxdale by Nicasio Ansar, Adele Simondsen always ready to leave her mark in a festive issue, and Sasquatch Rhino catching Partee in her natural habitat.

Partee bares it all (more than usual, if that was possible!) thanks to Sasquatch Rhino

Carter Holloway also does double duties shooting magazine owner and exemplar model Kat Kassner, and the equally stunning Holly Arkright. Kat and another true Brit-x girl, the already mentioned Roxxy, are also the final models of Carter's Advent Calendar project (darn, it's really over between him and Dolly I guess...): just one little reference to one of the most remarkable projects in our SL xmas, which put me in a rather festive mood, too!

2015 Advent Calender

Not on the magazine, but it's topical, festive and they are ALL part of this issue, so come on!

I must say that the addition of the 'Brit-x Xtra' section is another testament to the sheer beauty of the girls that you can normally see on this magazine, and that appear or have appeared already and certainly will appear again in dedicated photoshoots. Brit-X is also the only magazine so far to release posters, and trust me when I tell you, that they are certainly worth a look, and even have a place at your establishment. And you can look at all this for free, of course, through in-world kiosks, asking Kat Kassner or Laredo Lowtide a copy, or seriously, just on Marketplace!

Adele is a gorgeou Santa baby in her own shoot, and graces the'Xtra'section too, with Margie,Paige and other hotties!

Simply enough, I cannot wait till the regular parties at Brit-X will beging again, after the bittersweet time that holidays on SL are, where people can end up being busier with their RL than during the regular work schedule. Brit-X has brought us many fun nights and thankfully Kat, Laredo and the crew keep bringing quality photography to the adult entertainment scene. A huge thank you to them, and I hope the new year will bring great news for their various enterprises!

Show me your magazine, and i'll feature it here! I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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