Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Jiggle all the way!

Once more I speak about an award-winning beauty, and that is...

BUSTed Magazine


Well, this time I don't mean just the magazine itself - which was indeed recipient of an award earlier this year as Best SL Adult Magazine, tho! - but the beautiful (and bountiful) covergirl, a familiar and quite unmistakeable name, the lovely Rusty Seesaw, who was the winner of the coveted beauty pageant Miss Busty SL.

She's a Dancer, a Prancer, a Vixen, all in one: she's DoubleDeez !

Rusty is just the first of the many beauties you can spot in this xmas issue of the magazine, a 100% festive display with the else can I describe it if not 'top notch'? photoshoots punctuated with Xmas cards featuring a smorgasbord of curvy models that will put you quite in the mood! Some names of these "readers' xmas cards"? Alisha Cedarbridge, Aura Badger, BeeQueen Smythe, Brea Brianna, Harley Jane, Ivori Faith, Jewell Infinity, Lunedor Oryl, RACHEL AVRO ( I KNEW IT!), Toni Rose, Urmeli Ellisson, and I am surely forgetting someone (but I hope not).

One of the most colourful pornstars, the Brazilian beauty Priscila Balogh experiences winter in December.

The featured models include members of the Sexiest group already on the scene from a long time such as the legendary (but oh so very tangible!) pornstar Priscila Balogh, the star of some of the most jaw-dropping porn movies in recent memory, Doubledeez Dethly, both shot by Rachel, and the beautiful Zashya shot by Be. Be who does so much for the issue again, from her customary zodiac column to all the fashion shoots, to the official photographer work. Not many magazine contributors do in excess of 30 edited high quality pictures per issue, and Be and Rachel truly have in Busted a great vehicle to showcase sims, fashion, personalities, events...but also their own unbridled creativity.

Another misty photoshoot in this hot issue of Busted!

And with the splendid photography of Spirit Eleonara and Solidx to complement the issue, this December issue is a joy for the eyes and the sort of quality publication everyone can be rightfully proud to have been a part of. Check it out by all means and remember to Apply to be in it ! Becoming a Busted model is easier than you can imagine. If you have a feminine avi, as long as you are willing to make some extra effort to put together the right look for the photographer and make it a really memorable experience, Busted is there for you, the type of magazine that lets you truly live the dream of being an erotic model.

One of the golden rules of erotic modeling: try always to get that 90° angle when bending over!

So, as I like to say : go get Busted! If you are not in the mood to go find one of the hundreds of Busted kiosks - and consider you'd have to do it just once, since they offer a subscription option - you can get it through Marketplace as well!

Want to be featured on the blog? Give me a reminder of your work, and if it's relevant to our Pornstars members, I will gladly feature it in the magazine. Enjoy!