Monday, August 3, 2015

A taste of...Isabelle's 'A Taste Of'

During the summer many Sexiest Pornstars take a well deserved break from the year-long rigors of their daily job AND pornmaking - often happening at the same place, because "like a boss" and everything. That includes my partner Marika, but also Isabelle Cheviot. Before her holiday tho, she released some outrageously tantalizing movies, parts of different series. 'A taste of' and 'Taboo'.

Today, I just want to bring the spotlight on a couple episodes of the one series with the cheekier (but equally accurate!) name. Why 'A taste of' ? Weeeeell...

" These give me the opportunity to highlight some of the female talent I've worked with in my films...and of course they give me a chance to actually WORK with the hottest women in SL. Who could possibly fault me for that, right? ;) "

You made an educated guess from the screenshots: this series puts to the test, or rather, to the taste, Isabelle's filming skills with sapphic erotica.

As I had the chance to bring to your attention in the past, Isabelle's filming style has as pivotal aspects the extensive use of well adjusted animations, shot with a precise and deliberate use of the DoF and post-production adjustments. Both these vids are full of seduction, and of those qualities you'd expect from lesbian acts...

And that is, soft atmospheres, sophisticated lights, a sultry mood, a panoply of lush body entanglments...

And of course, major snatch slurping antics. Mmmm!

But seriously, just watch the movies, and I am sure the choice of the setting for these steamy carnal encounters will impress you as much as the feminine graces of the protagonists. Having such eye-pleasing avis in a movie is certainly a pleasure, but seeing their pleasure filmed in endearing contexts is the icing on the cake.

Nothing to add about the stars involved, of course, but Isa's words are on.

" Rachel Avro is so fucking hot and is such fun to work with. Lately she has been involved with more photo shoots and films; all well-deserved. And she tastes AMAZING."

And same goes for "the exotic and amazingly sexy Urmeli Ellisson". 
Her body photographs spectacularly, as you can see from the previous movies she has been in.
So, what's left to say? Well, watch the movies after the jump! This is better than any gourmet show!

Chat to me about your productions (movies, magazines, a shoot you particularly value and enjoy) : I'd love to feature it on the blog!

A Taste of Rachel

A Taste of Urmeli

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