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Intergalactic SLUTS: Discovering Kepler!

What happens in Kepler, stays in Kepler...Or does it not?! As I refrain from making a joke about a sci-fi classic with Charlton Heston, let me introduce to you: this is, Intergalactic SLUTS !


Just before the weekend, Miss Emily's sci-fi series Intergalactic SLUTS came out with its 4th episode. Of this first season. Yes, because as Emily stated, she has so many ideas about the story's developement, not to mention enthusiasm for the project, that she already has planned at least another season. We'll see. Meanwhile, here you have a little coverage from where I left, with my previous post.

In the screenshots of this post, you can see how the action for this phase of the story moved from E.S.F. Intergalactic SLUTS to a planet. In perfect Trek tradition, the away team of course is made of the 2 highest ranking officers, and the doctor. Just in case anything goes wrong, of course. Luckily, nobody wears a red shirt....or any shirt, for that matter. Larry wears he gonna kick the bucket?

So what happens on the planet Kepler in the star system Kepler, spotted by Kepler telescope (quite funnily, the real Kepler telescope DID spot a -possibly- inhabitable planet just a few days after the release of the video!) ? Well, they meet Keplerians, of course!

Intergalactic SLUTS is a very entertaining series put together with a ton of attention to details and astonishing production values. I have been lucky enough to be part of the 'crew' for this part of the saga, and see the sets in 'person'. Planet Kepler, and the station itself, even if my character had no scene in it, thanks to a tour given to me by Emily and Sandy in person. The rest of the crew, I think, was busy...

You can find every detail about the plot so far, cast, news, in Emily's blog, and you can follow her also on flickr for her patented scrapbook. Although I do like to take a moment to laud the great work done by the fellow castmembers who were in the scenes with me, committing to necessarily long shoots and having to take part in some of those SL shenanigans with the running and turning and moving around thing I never quite got the hang of.

Erin, Anyka, Cream and Em

Doc-torr, Katina, Mags, Em, Larry and Zuby

Of course I am talking about doleful beauty Zuby Gloom, honorary stylite Magelo Kidd, the surprisingly nimble-footed Doc-torr, and of course, Larry Vinaver, who might be depth perception-impaired here as One-Eyed Larry, but one eye is all he needs to dress like a true sci-fi character.

As I was saying, not telling you about the plot ( oh yeah.... SOMEONE DIES! ...right?) and detailing the salacious adventures the crew is going through - although you can be sure, the sex is abundant, and strategically placed, not leaving you without your fix of hot flesh (and latex!) for long at any point.

What I'd like to highlight, is the tremendous amount of work put in this production. I admit being absolutely fascinated in the chats I had the pleasure to have with Miss Emily, by the variety of techniques she had to use to render subtle nuances that the viewer might miss, but that truly 'make' the sci-fi part of the series.

'Slavers' in fact has at its climax...oh, this begs for a sex innuendo, duh... a spaceship battle. Which means, hand drawn laser beams, engine thrusters, and green screening. Not to mention the sound effects. 

Hours of work, literally a week of work, just to do a couple minutes of action that are though, essential to the plot. Having a sequence like this really helps bring out the series' flavour and, let's say, 'ambition'. Engaging, dynamic, unpredictable, this project is really taking shape.

It is porn, sure, but it's a porn sci-fi series, and it's very good to see that when she wants, Emily can grapple with the technical challenges and tackle the most characteristic tropes of the genre, including action sequences.

We got used to it by now, but it's great to see the details of the series' visual style, including the work on the absolutely professional presentation of the series, from the opening montage to its captions.

What I can say, is that Emily has involved in her movie projects a great number of actors. If you are in porn and have shown interest in being part of productions, I hope you will find yourself fortunate enough to be involved in this, and see with your own eyes, how big of a project this is. Simply seeing so much effort and passion put in a single project (and one with such potential at that!) really excites me.


For the future developments too.

But, meanwhile and back to the present time, why not, I am closing the post puttin a reminder of what Emily announced already in-world and on her blog :  Want to be in her next movie?

Just a reminder, as Emily always manages to squeeze in between episodes also other fun movies. And she is gonna need actors, this Wednesday, August 12th, 10:30pm to 1:00am SLT
Follow the details on her blog post! ...and of course, don't you forget, that....

 ... After the jump, you can take a look at some SLUTS!

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x03: Keplerians 

Keplerians, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E3) powered by XTube

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x04: Slavers 

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