Saturday, August 22, 2015

Katmee's Gallery: Photo Contest and Laura on display!

If you are looking for something exciting to do with your weekend, there is certainly one stop for you to consider. You might want to drop by Katmee's Gallery. Why's that? Well, here's one reason, for instance:

Katmee Gallery Contest

Yes, it's a photo contest that lets you be as creative as you want, as naughty as you want: you just have to drop by Katmee's fab location, and take a photo. Make it a naughty one, and remember that you can rezz your favourite props, poses, anything that helps you getting the result you want, which is, of course, put an erotic display in that very inspiring location.

Afternoon Nap @ the boathouse

Katmee and her gallery...ok that was a bad pun. But a great view!

And while you are at it, of course, it won't hurt to have a look at this month's exhibition. Because, if you missed the previous displays, it still won't come as a shock that at a location called Katmee's gallery, there are actually, ya know, art exhibits and all that!

I Think Your Tractor's Sexy

There are great photo opportunities for rural/field photos as well on the sim, as shown by Domino Dupre here..

Stuff that can really put you in the know. Like for Zane here.

 Katmee's Gallery

There is some joke to be made about harvest and seed, probably, but...

And the artist this month is none other than the winner of The Sexiest Lifetime achievement for photography, Laura Demonista.

Window View

A look at Laura's Katmee

As if her reputation for unparalleled creativity needed any confirmation, it's worth noting that the photos on display here at Katmee's were made by Laura exclusively for this exhibition. In Laura's words...

"Katmee asked me if I would be interested to display some pictures in her gallery. Of course, I eagerly said yes. She then gave me a month to put together around 24 pictures to show there. Of course, I saw that as a chance to create 24 NEW pictures specially for her gallery. And so I set about creating them. I wanted a sort of 'running theme' in the pictures but I didnt want to do a lot of the same thing. So I came up with a look, a texture to to the images that was consistent.

Late Night Daydream

It worked really well. The pictures go together nicely but I think they all work well on their own. As always, I wanted the work to be erotic but not wildly so. I like to think I achieved that. Some of the pictures really are beautiful. Some are quite comical in their own way.

Private Beach

I was very happy with the completed set and I hope Katmee was too. I also prefer not to show the same work in different locations and this was a perfect chance to create something new "


And that's because this is not the only exhibit Laura has going at this time!
But we'll cover it more in detail later.

Back to the contest: you don't need to make 24 photos for Katmee, you just need one. Take a sexy shot, take it on location, and send it to her - I repeat the instructions here.

1. All photos must be taken at Katmee's Gallery
2. Your photo must be erotic in nature. Here's how we are defining "erotic": Engage our minds and imaginations to get us to start breathing heavily.
3,. Respect other artists who might be working on the sim while you're here.
4. Your one entry must be submitted in a notecard to katmee by Midnight SLT September 15, 2015. Title your notecard: "Through Your Eyes" (Your Name here). For example, if I could enter my notecard would be titled: "Through Your Eyes" katmee resident

There's a total worth of 6k prize worth in money and gift cards, plus Gacha items!


And priceless fun!

I hope this will be an exciting opportunity for you to give embodiment to some of your fantasies: Katmee's gallery is a great photo spot, and a big thanks to Katmee herself of course, and Domino Dupre for organizing this event!
Please, don't forget also the other contest opportunity, linked to the Erotigacha event, and always feel free to let me know about your own initiatives, I love to cover them on the blog!
Have a nice weekend !

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