Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Minotaur's new comic

If you want to know more about the world of an adult star, you know who to turn to for one unbiased insight: Alexus Minotaur. His comics are nothing but educational.

A day in Porn

When Alexus comes out with a new comic, you know you are in for a lot of fun, and of course, a slew of hot curves in the mix! Just have to quote him for this...

" I assembled some of the finest and hottest female pornstars. It’s like the Avengers of sex haha: Ali Lancrae, Bewitched, Leannan, Huniib and some cameos of Lydia Michaels and Margarita Blanco…it’s me or it’s too hot here?"

"But what is about the story? It's a dramatic and brave testimony about what happens behind all the lights and glamour involved on a porn production. Don't miss it!"

We are familiar with Alexus' unique brand of meta-humor, playing with stereotypes and conventions about the porn world and SL in general, and yet he always makes his comics highly entertaining. Just try to imagine how much work it goes into putting something like that together - count just how many pics each panel is made of, and think about the work involved in the making of a set of over 80 photos, needing to fit a coherent - and really funnily written - story, and with all the lettering and layout job on top of that.
Madness! It's like making a movie or something!

A day in Porn

 You can learn more about this process in Alexus' previous interview to this blog about his hilariously intricated previous effort, "The Day Off". For this new comic, no technical details, just wanted to hear a bit from Alexus about his experience working with his cast!

Some stories behind "A Day in Porn"

Leannan (Suffy) and Ali were really nice at the studio, they kept talking between them so I could slide easier into Leannan (lol). Sometimes I get worried that a girl can get bored because I stay going in and out in the same position for a long time while I adjust the angles and lights. Of course is pleasant, but can bore do it in the same pose lol.

A day in Porn

Hunii is not a porn model, but I convinced her to participate in the story with an erotic role. I was sure that her presence will bring a lot of fans. She was very kind even with the difficult scenes like the one where we are naked on the shower.
Bewitched was waiting to take revenge since I make her an elasticity test in a previous comic, where I made the role of a fake doctor. I guess she got what she was looking for. 

A day in Porn

Finally, Lydia and Margarita were great in the cameo. They appeared quick when I was needing a hand for that scene. And of course thanks to Paperbot who always helps me with the logistic support (somebody has to hold the camera while I'm doing my thing with the girl of the story). "

Please visit Alexus' website to read the comic properly, and leave a comment too if you feel so inclined. And also his Flickr stream, for more outtakes and fun stuff!

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