Monday, August 24, 2015

Wanna Flick? DC and BBC!

Superheroes and sex assemble pretty well. DC heroes seem to be a more popular choice than Marvel. I think that if you want to make a production with the latter, you are contractually obligated to include Stan Lee in a cameo, and for a porn it can seriously endanger the actors' erections.

I was in a superhero production myself, and it was my very debut in a porn movie, by another Alex, back in 2012! I was Amazon #3 or something, and it was a learning experience. Now my strap-ons are much better adjusted in size. Never had the chance to put my hands on any superhero tho. Or the other way around.
I am jealous of Harley here!

But enough talking about myself (I have to do it later anyway!): the talk of the day is this marvellous ( I don't have an adjective with 'detective') production by the man known as Alexcuck. Or, the Joker, in this case?

I allowed myself to waffle about without really talking about the movie for 3 paragraphs because, seriously: you have seen the pics above. Jaw-dropping quality in this video. I simply loved the idea for it, too! A superhero movie with Joker playing the cuck role ? I did not think of that, and it works really well here.

Especially with the Dark Knight being...a yummy shade of dark indeed.

The star as the credits say, is the alluring Joelle Oppewall. She is simply gorgeous here, and nails the look for the part. Watching her doing naughty naughty things with the boys here, is one rousing sight. Credits to Alex for shooting her in such a provocative way, making her flirt with the camera as much as she teases her Mister J. , of course

But Joelle looks that stunning also without donning the red and black garb, as I had the pleasure to see in person!

I am probably posting more pics of myself today than I have in the rest of the year, but well, this video here happens to have my ass in it

Literally. And prominently featured as it is, I can't exactly avoid showing it! I declare my conflict of interest here: I was honoured to be asked to be in this clip, and Joelle had a great input in everything you see. From the choice of the title track itself, to the dance choices, to the final cut. She works egregiously well with Alex

Who has been really nice to work with. Of course, you might not be interested in my personal experience: but that's why I love posting about movies like this: you have to just look at the screenshots...

 and simply begin playing the movies themselves (both move at a swift pace and are full of sexiness from start to finish), and that's what is going to keep you hooked.

Huge thanks again to both Joelle and Alex, and ...The movies? Are here after the jump! (Naughty machinima works again!)

Made any video?! Want to see it featured here? Come on, hit me up with an IM and let's work on a post !

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