Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ August 2

S  u  n  d  a  y   ~   C  o  u  p  l  e  s    N  i  g  h  t

Plus something new. Featured artist:
M r   D a i
Daimaju Clowes

*     *     *

F E A T U R E D    A R T I S T :    M R   D A I

Daimaju Clowes, or Mr Dai as he is known to many, produces and presents a constant stream of simply outstanding commissioned and personal photo work.  It has been my good fortune to work with him on a few occasions.  I have always learned from the experience and enjoyed it immensely.  Dai is one of those photographers who is a dream to pose for and you just know the result will awe.  Ranging from dark side, winged warrior fantasy, to tangible action depictions, to the downright explicit and sexually erotic, his daring images both explode onto the screen and draw the viewer into them at the same time.  As you fall into his pictures, you sense the twinkle in Dai's eye, for there is a measure of fun behind each production.  Far better viewed than reviewed, please enjoy the following samples of Mr Dai's creations and by all means peruse his Flickr page for all the rest!




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