Friday, August 28, 2015

Movies From Castle Ivana

One of the most frequent questions I receive is of course, "How do I get into porn"? What I point out usually is that in the adult arts community a great deal of the gigs you get require a personal relationship: it can be in rare cases a personal friendship that developes, often is a mutual attraction, even more often it's about meeting people with interests that match your own.

A lot goes on 'behind the scenes' and is not so easy to crack into, but on The Sexiest Pornstars group there are also always ongoing casting calls and opportunities coming up. One that got my attention was a casting call from a new group member, Ivana Hanni.

My first thought was "Oh, Ivana from Castle Ivana!" of course. An establishment I am sure many of you blog followers have a knowledge of. Not only the place has been around for a long while, but you have seen featured plenty it in photos on our stream, especially from the work of Bernard Broono and Elroy Click.

Castle Ivana

 - First of all, introduce yourself and your activities to our readers, please.

" I am Ivana Hanni. I am in SL more then 8 years. In SL I run a BDSM club, rent land, houses and few other businesses. I enjoy being a business woman but as many know I enjoy good Dom men. I made my Second Life in a way I can enjoy it as much as i can. One more thing all should know...What ever I do in SL I consider it very serious and play like it's real. I can't explain this simple as its little bit complicated. But what i can say is what ever is happening to my avatar......I try to imitate that in RL as best as I can and believe me I have ``ways`` that make me feel like it's really, really happening and like I am there. I guess what i am trying to say is it's not just playing for me. It is very real. I am not trying to be different then others, I just like it that way.


One more interesting thing about me is that in some rare cases I let my SL friends to send me RL outfits(shoes,dresses..) and such to wear for them when I log on. Those outfits I only use for second life(dress up and log on). I wear them in only when guy who sent me allow.


So you guessed I have a special place in my house where I keep RL stuffs that are sent from SL friends. As some will think i use guys from SL to get real dressed and shoes I introduced restrictions. I can only get 1 real outfit per month and it must not be over 30$ and I always personally pay for shipping. Sometimes I organize voting for which next real dress I buy and pay whole price.

This was introduced to me by my first SL Master. He insisted to send me nice skirt i wear every time i log on. I must admit i was happy to do it. I guess I have a fetish called 'Dress to please'.  "

Castle Ivana

- A good presentation of who you are and what you do is also offered by your videos. When did you start having an interest in the adult arts? Do you envision yourself only in the active role of filmaker, or you have also interest in modeling and be part of other people's projects not related to your business?

" I opened a youtube page and started to make videos of my parties. I made simple presentations of my business and myself. As more and more people liked it i made more videos. At one point i wanted to make an adult movie. I tried and once again people liked it. I must say i really enjoy making any movies. Turned out people like to see strong business woman submited to men`s will.

As i make more and more adult movies they go more and more hardcore. Point is my adult movies are made sudden and were not planed. I just do what i enjoy tape it and show it to the world. SO yes i guess i see myself as future filmmaker but I will be always the main star...smiles.
I did some modeling for some shop owners. First time i did i wanted to have same dress in SL and RL. So i ordered both. Of course in SL when you want to buy that dress it's me on that picture...."

- One quote I found fascinating in the Castle Ivana presentation video is, that it's a place where 'girls are toys and boys are, well, boys'. Tell us more about the nature of your club and what your members and your subs find in one another, and in your establishment.

" Castle Ivana was made for a very simple reasons. At one point my Master decided to leave SL. I wanted to work in several clubs as anything really. When I said I am straight and that I don't like to dominate men most of clubs told me I am primitive and old fashioned. So I decided to open club with opposite rules. Meaning in my club females can only be slaves and men make rules and it's one of rare hetero places in second life. Thats the nature of my club.

My club exist now more then 6 years and we have around 40 trained and verified slaves. I hire only slaves so you wont see any escorts here. What's different from other clubs? Well we have membership. Membership gives right to take and use any female in club they want.
You don't have to worry about prices, tips or anything. Just come take your favorite slave and have your way with her. It is very important all to enjoy and have fun without much drama, Hope that answers my quote.


How can you be a member? For start you have to be male who knows what he wants and not afraid to take that. We try to make everything very simple. There is a procedure to be accepted in our membership group. The procedure gives you right to come to the owner lady (me) and ask for membership. That initiation is done in private and means you will have a session with Ivana. Few things you must prove.

1. Show you are a man who is not afraid to take what he wants
2. A man who knows how to use a slave
3. Not afraid to submit her, tie up, whip,,dominate and use strong woman and ``brake`` her if needed
4. Have your way with her and don't care if she likes it or not
5. Make Ivana feel she is at your mercy....

PS: I do this to ensure quality of my members....and of course I must say I enjoy doing it. Point is, we allow only good slaves and good Masters join so all live their fantasies here. "

- You posted a casting call in group, asking for good looking and interested males, and outlining a scenario. Please, share with us more about this project and its current status.

" So far I got only a few applications but some interesting guys. I want to make a series. The scenario is simple. Business woman kidnapped and turned into a sex slave...sold, used, raped, forced to wear slutty outfits.... There is no way i say this nicely, but I plan it to be really hardcore with violence, real screams...

I expect from guys to be very hardcore and not afraid to do what they want. First episode will go something like this. She is kidnapped and taken to a place to be sold. At one moment the guys who kidnapped her decide to ``try`` her. The buyer comes and tries her as well....

For more info do send Ivana Hanni a notecard with your avatar pictures and online time....
That will be just first episode, later it will be more. "

Thank you very much to Ivana for her patience and time, and , guys , you heard her! Check out the group notices, there has been one going today, and...I am sure you'll be up for the task!

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