Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: A Hot Summer !

It's as if I forgot something...Oh right!

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 29

The month of July closed with one sizzling issue of Aroused! that I am sure has not gone unnoticed. It's just about time to cover it on the blog too, no?

Speaking of covers, the talent of Nicasio Ansar shines through the issue starting with that fabulous opening shot that is staring at you above (and you are staring back into it, right?). What an absolute stunner that one is.

And it gets only better and better !

A great issue for your summer thanks to Nica, with the bodaceous cover model Amy - very talented photographer in her own right, check out the magazine to ...uncover more- and with some wet poolside action featuring 2 of the most beautifully unique models on the SL porn scene. Zoey Winsmore and Stacia Renoir (add crossreferenced last names there) are such a sensual pairing in the flesh during parties, and in the movies: now you see them in a quality titillating photoshoot I am so happy to see featured in the magazine.

Graham making a Tammy pretzel!

But of course, talking about the 'new' guy does not make us forget about the backbone of Aroused, its core group of artists who never fail to bring out the sexy! In this issue, Cindy and Fritz Frindy after the glamour of the previous issue get 'Deeper' in their passion: the bare passion and eroticism of their shoot are a good complement to the artful and more cerebral display conceived by two kindred spirits who we already have seen collaborate on the magazine. I am talking about jedi creative Whimsical Aristocrat and photo padawan Tammy Jones. Their respective creations involve in this issue Partee, Graham Collinson, Rob Roxley, Cindy, their respective partners, themselves...

...and my partner too ! Yay!

I'll never pay enough tribute to the great work Marika Blaisdale puts in this magazine project she began a little more than one year ago. This issue took a little longer than usual to come out due to some scheduling problems with a designated model, and even longer for me to blog, because I am such a slacker!

It would actually be time to already come out tomorrow with the next issue of Aroused, but the magazine is taking actually a little break from its bi-weekly format, and switch to a monthly formula. Is Marika going to take a little break ? Tired of all the work involved putting together a magazine? Well, actually...she is putting in extra work, even. What sort of extra, you'll see very soon.

Speaking of extras, a photo BY the gorgeous Kalista Hydraconis , a very talented photographer in her own right as she took this during the photoset she was a model for, posing for Marika. Aroused! has brought to you in these almost 30 issues so many beautiful models, often very talented too in their own right.
Marika's photoset with her is another highlight of the magazine, as often happens. 

You can get Aroused from Marketplace. Every issue from the start. You can also get it from one of the kiosks - the latest one installed is at Katmee's Gallery, a place we are gonna cover -again- very soon...and if you own a club or a place where you want to offer your visitors quality items, Aroused is a very stylish publication, just saying. And of course, the online version is for you to peruse at any time.

Tell me about your magazine endeavours, if you have one, or have been in one! Always open to feature more publications when i have the chance!

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