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Erotigacha 5 Photo Contest !

On the blog and in the group, we deal with the naughty and kinky. Very popular themes in SL, although just like in RL the 'mainstream' scene sometimes tends to shy away from it, leaving therefore a part of its commercial appeal untapped.
Well, we don't bring ads and don't mean to promote business, but of course we don't want to cast a blind eye on a great initiative promoted by multiple Sexiest Award winners Hard Rust and Spirit Eleonara. Especially today, you'll see why through the post!

Erotigacha 5 Summer Blockbuster

And it's not easy to ignore such a fun event going on, with photos like this below to introduce it. Parts of a set of actual poses you can get at the event, together with much more ! And remember also, that if you are not into the chance aspect of 'gacha', it's easy to trade and transfer your finds (there's also an in-world group dedicated to Erotigacha!)

Crazy Bitch (Rare)

But since I don't like to shill, there you have a little Q&A with Spirit herself, introducing the event for those of you who are not familiar with it!

- The first Erotigacha event happened in April last year at the old Hard Alley. Who came up with the idea for it, and how did it develop through these 5 editions ?

" That is a good question! We were thinking of ways to get people back into the sim, traffic it seem was waining (not just in Hard Alley but in SL in general) and we brainstormed things to do to get people into the sim again. We talked about how gacha events seemed to do really well, and that no one really did an "adult" themed gacha fair. From there, Erotigacha was born! It has developed more of a theme as the events have gone on, with this latest one being "Summer Blockbusters!" movie themed.

Erotigacha 5

We hadn't really required sticking to a theme for the others, and the gachas of course didn't need to be adult themed, but the option is there for the creators.


We asked that this time creators create at least one of their items in theme, and most have, with great gachas. It seems a lot of events now happen all the time in SL and shoppers and designers are "event overloaded" so that is a bit of a concern, but this round has done really well. We limited the number of participants, and the quality is fantastic. "


- As an organizer you don't play favourites of course, but off the top of your head, tell us a bit about this edition's theme and some of the items from this round. What can you expect to find visiting the fair?

" The theme this time is a fun one! "Summer Blockbuster" can include so much. Classic Hollywood, current movie industries, props, poses, animations, clothing...sooo much. We wanted a theme, but also wanted it to be broad enough to encompass a lot. We were looking forward to see what the imaginations of the creators brought to the event.

A Picture Novel: Speakeasy Ep.2

I have been so very pleased with what has been offered. This round you can find anything from stage/movie sets to clothing, poses, accessories, furniture and of course a few naughty things as well! You will have to come to the sim to check it all out! "

Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me.

- There are many great photographic opportunities with the gacha items, as you showed with your very creative movie posters and other photos on your Flickr. And before i get to the part that I am gonna put in bold text and huge fonts, here I am publishing the photo that made the SL Blog Pic of the Day.

  DRBC at Erotigacha

It's not even the first time for you, but tell us a bit about the idea behind this photo, if you thought it would attract the eye that way, and how do you feel about being featured on the main page. :-)

" It is a thrill to be featured on the SL Picture of the day page, and I was so happy this one was....it brings an item from the event to a broader audience. DRBC made some awesome Starlet Dresses that are very classic movie monster. I wanted to take a picture in the sim at the movie theater drive-in that had the whole retro movie monster feel to it, while showcasing the dress as well as a part of the sim. I guess Ms. Linden liked it as well....it was fun to make."

Bombshell! - And that's when I get to the important part: so you came up with a little contest for the Erotigacha visitors, hmm?

YUS! Photo contest! Photos submitted to the Erotigacha flickr group that are titled "Erotigacha Summer Blockbuster Photo Contest" or something similar...lol....will be considered and judged. The top three photos will be published in an upcoming issue of The Living End (nothing explicit, no nudity but can be sexy, sensual, erotic) with the top placed person getting full spread. "


Thank you very much to Spirit for her interview, and to her and Hard for organizing Erotigacha!

This is a great opportunity and I feel compelled to add something, actually.

There are many really inviting props and accessoires avalaible, and I know in a Porn group not all of you are going to rein in your imagination sticking to the necessary PG standards.


So, DO upload on the Erotigacha Flickr Group as described your 'safer' photos, they might end up on The Living End, but if you wish to do something naughty, put also your photo in The Sexiest group - insert in the title Erotigacha Photo Contest - .
We'll feature here on the blog your contributions in a special post AND the winner of this 'parallel' contest will appear with a full spread on Aroused! Magazine!
Not just that, but the winners will also receive Rare Gatcha Items from the designers.

Oh, do I have to specify that the photos need to have as focal point at least one well recognizable item/pose gotten from Erotigacha? Well, just checking!

And now, a little slideshow with a small selection from the avalaible Gachas: you find the full list, with pics, on the Erotigacha blog ....and come on, at the location itself! Just grab the taxi here, and get creative with your photo endeavours!


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