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The Pornstars' Rack: An Even Hotter Summer !

Two posts in a row with my partner in it? Heck , I am so...


Shameless XXX Magazine Issue 1


Nah, seriously! I TOLD you yesterday, that Aroused! is gonna be monthly now, but also that Marika has still been working extra hard. And that is what she had in store. A new publication! I would love to yap about it lots, but to properly introduce what Shameless XXX is, here you have her own words.

Without futher ado, here's Marika!

One of the models in this issue, on a first magazine appearance, steady partigoer Mags

- First question: Why a second magazine?

" Two reasons. One, Aroused! is a quite well established brand, with an amazing group of dedicated photographers. It works well, and I am sure with new Head Editor it will become even better. Reason two, I know there are many tgirls in porn community, but why not have some sort of central point for them? The place people's eyes focus at when it comes to show ladies with extra beautifulness.

Marika probably would need even more magazines to fit all the great hotties she has worked with. 
Look at Akira Kira, in this issue as well !

...There's a third reason, quite silly though: I love making magazine layouts, and it was good excuse to work on it."

- Off the record....I think that was the main reason.

" Well, I won't create a third magazine very soon, don't worry."

- So, t-girls are the central point of the new magazine. Tell us a bit more about what the readers can expect to see there, and how it is different from Aroused!.

" As you mentioned: tgirls are the focus. Main difference is, it's going to be a model oriented magazine. Aroused! tends to feature photographers rather than models, Shameless' gonna be the opposite."

Uh-oh! Has Marika been focusing too much on a particular photographer! Check out the magazine to find out, in this sex and sexy shoot from Nicasio Ansar, featuring Erika Thorkveld!

- That's a very important difference. I am asking the question that interests the blog readers and group members the most, probably: what do you do to be on the magazine? Are you open to collaborations with other photographers? Also, anything particular a model could/should do to help their chances to be in it? 

 " I am always open for photographers, and in general - people who want to collaborate. We got these two titles right now, so if the photographer can't appear in Shameless, Aroused! is always open for them. The fact that Shameless is tgirls oriented doesn't mean Aroused! gets rid of them, no. It's just a different approach.

Now about models... I know many people love to pose, and I hope it's one more extra opportunity for them to do so. Something that is more persistent than random casting call in groups. So, what to do? Spoil me with compliments, make sure you look angelic or hellish hot and we'll sort it out.

The opening splash page of  'The Three Poles' shoot. Why the name? read about it below...or use your imagination... :p

One more important thing: I hope it's been noticed I am open for models without experience too. Of course, well established Stars are the core of the community, we all admire and love them, but it's good to have some fresh blood too."

- So you made this new magazine, having already a lot of knowledge built up thanks to Aroused!. Walk us through this issue a bit, from the very moment you had the idea for a magazine, this new magazine, to the final product. What is it that you did first, what came in last, the website, what did you find the most difficult, etc. You present a rather unique case because you have your proprietary method to make a magazine that is not the Intellibook used by most, but still, i like to hear about your experience. 

" After running Aroused! for over one year it seems quite obvious I do many, magazine related, things better and way quicker than before. So, as the idea about having other magazine came to my mind, I basically started making its new, original layout, and that was funniest part. I used some of photographies I got in my flickr stream for that, but final version, of course, has got unique, not published anywhere content.
So, I started working on content, inviting models, poses, shooting - you know it very well how it works.

At first I've made SL version of magazine, and the last step was making the website to be ready to publish content from Issuu. Without false modesty I can tell you this: after making second brand of magazine I could make few another ones very quick, I mean technically. I won't, we don't need them more for now, but there are common things for magazines, so work is simpler and quicker.

One 'work in progress' test page for what became the original layout of Shameless. Look closely the photo, and you'll see that the magazine was set to have another name, before Marika came up with the clever play on words.

You mentioned my proprietary method of providing magazine inside SL. Yes, I've created those few scripts, put them into objects and made single engine that allows people view it like magazine. It is way simpler than Intellibook of course, but on the other hand, do we need sound of turning pages? I could add it, that's the easiest part, but come on! :) I hear no complaints about my own book script, so I assume it works good. Additionally, to be sure about the quality I double check every single issue using some dummy account. There's quite lot work with making magazine, but it's still fun. "

- Do you have any advice for people who want to make their own magazine? 

" Alright, I probably feed vipers that gonna eat me sooner or later *laughs*, but running magazine, like almost everything in this world, got its light and dark side. It's repetitive work, that can easily become another sort of not very well paid SL job you have to do every X weeks. But it gives fun and if you like challenges - you'll love it. Patience is the key for sure, and some spare time, and some money too, but in fact it's nothing so difficult as it seems. My last advice will be, make or buy good layout. What I dislike is inconsistent look, where one page look completely different to another. "

One more shot from Marika's work on the oomphalicious cover model Phoenix!

- So, who's on this issue, and any last word to invite our readers to get it?

" Phoenix on the cover, we know her well now, deserved to open the issue imho. Akira and Mags: Akira very, very active these days, Mags made lovely metamorphosis, so both worth featuring. The Guest Photographer, talented Nicasio in his first hardcore set (yay!) and finally some little sex stuff from me with my good friend Tami and Enzo - funny is, I was about to call that set "Three Poles", not only because there are 3 poles involved...
Also, I look forward to get some feedback from community and to work with those who want do something together. Especially, I already got my first model for another issue, so hurry up! I hope our lovely readers are going to enjoy new magazine, that is the best reward for me if they are."

Thank you SO much Marika for taking the time to answer my questions, and you heard her! 
Go get Shameless , AND Aroused of course, on Marketplace! In the group notices too, and there is the online version too, here ! And.....Tell me stuff about your magazine, I want to feature your projects RIGHT HERE!

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