Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wanna Flick? Alice In Wonderlust

Time for a little coverage of crazy movie hotness! Let's see where to begin from. From here, perhaps!

We always suggest to drop by at parties to meet photographers and directors and be seen: in this case, at yesterday's party at Miss Emily's, I spotted a link this director posted in local chat.

Mats Nergård (matsnerga): Would love for everyone to take a few minutes and check out my latest video! Titled "Wonder yoga"

While local chat at a party is not exactly the place I'd advise you for the promotion of your movie - I was busy listening to the amazing tunes of Dj Zoey and was not in the mood to stop following the party to watch a movie - , it still got the job done this time, as I happened to be there and I saved the link for future reference.

It's the first time i have the chance to cover a movie by Mats, and I hope to have more! As you can see, it follows the popular workout theme, and does it in a very competent way. The intro of the studio, complete with a short audio clip, is one of the best in recent memory, very well done, so of course the director does care about a proper presentation of his material despite the lack of credits in the actual video. In his picks I found the following description:

" Check out Wonderlusts latest video titled "Wonder Yoga" Hotness ensues as ϹΛIПΣ lay eyes on JṍṳṙṅḕẏṤḱẏḕ as she is doing her yoga at the wonderlust gym. running time 12 minutes "

The actors ( cainedreadmoore and theoreticallyspeaking78 the in-world names )  are two fresh faces to the scene, and I look forward, definitely, to see them again.

Check also out Wonderlust Studio' flickr stream to see more about their projects. They know how to make porn look really porny, I wouldn't be surprised if I learned that they have a big Luigi Trappatoni portrait in their main studio !

Yoga Class at WLS

But speaking of porn and workouts, another really 'young' director made a movie this month,

Lil Red Rider Hoe & Naughty Alice in Fuckerland

Big Daddy Ves puts on screen once more the exciting antics of Asari and Des Firekat, already featured in previous vids. In this never seen before crossover, indeed Red Riding Hood, err Rider Hoe I mean, is true to her name! No big bad wolf there, but there is doggy-style action!

Alice is lucky meeting an overpowering dame in red not as interested in detaching heads from bodies as the original, but rather into stuffing her holes with rubber BBC.

Another sexy display from Asari and Des, and certainly in a setting not used enough in porn! Ah I'd love so much an orgy with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. And of course the Dormouse, hoping it does not get lost or stuck someplace.

Before I ruin someone's childhood with the wrong mental picture, I leave you to one more reminder of the HOT cast of the movie, and tell you, once more...

To talk to me about your movies, send my way the links , and just let me know, I love to feature your work on the blog !
Thanks! Movies below!

Wonder Yoga 

Lil Red Rider Hoe Naughty Alice in Fuckerland 

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