Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : Bikini Bash!

If you checked your flickr yesterday, probably you have seen the cover of...

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO•vocative Magazine August 2015

During the summer holidays, sometimes SL activities take a little break as well: but , much to the satisfaction of you readers, that's not true for most of the magazines we cover! Even if, after Brit-X last time, here I am again covering a magazine who came out regularly as scheduled, but took a while to come out with the bloggable goods. I am talking about Rosalee Rhiadra's award nominated Pro*vocative!

Sexiest Judge Jodi Morane was one of the very kind contributors to Edvard's fundraiser. Photo by Partee.

The cover is brought to you by long time blog favourite Ally Oompa (Jill Black), continuing Pro*vocative's tradition to open with a display of crystalline photographic talents, interviewed by Rosa in a showcase that gives you a little taste of the range and quality of the artist. But the regular team of the magazine keeps the quality of the product high, thanks to the series of running features you all like and love.
And so we have Ali Lancrae's report from yet another panoramic location, the invualuable contributions from a very thankful and a little emotional Edvard TaurionPartee's funtastic fashion report and one of my favourites recurring features: a close encounter with a sexy male model - this time a very well known name in porn, mr. Jamezz T. Doulton, interviewed by Rosa and photographed by the always professional Addy Summerwind.

I love when you dare to bare!

I mentioned Partee earlier: not only the curvy blonde fairy has provided the photo and logistics for the usual fashion column, but hers is also a splendid initiative very much in tune with the season: a 'Bikini Blitz' with a dozen (!) of hot models (plus me) wearing outfits from different designers. I was privileged enough to be part of this initiative, a real 'swimsuit special' for the magazine, and as I keep saying, Partee is one impressive gal, behind her bubbly exterior (that includes her patented bubble butt of course). The models? Adele Simondsen, Alexandria Topaz, Ali Lancrae, Bree Greycloud, Cindy Starostin, Domino Dupre, Envy Watts, Mandylovesyou, Partee, Rachel Avro, Zoey Winsmore, Zaria Velde. Enough for you?

It happens at parties too. Adele NEVER gets to wear a bikini for long! Look at her almost busting out of this!

So, in short: Pro*vocative is out for you to get, and no excuse. Browse the online version on their website, and get your copy online from the group notices or contacting Rosalee Rhiadra. The magazine looks great, and she deserves your feedback! Enjoy.

Contact me for any question and proposal - blog related, that is.

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