Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wanna Flick? In depth with Pri

Just about time to show some movies, mh? And this time, here's a couple of flicks by different directors...

But with something in common. They share the female actress, and that's none other than SL porn legend Priscila Balogh!
Actually, in what represents to me a funny anedocte, when the other day I referred to her like that chatting with a friend, my friend said 'Oh really? She seems very humble and nice.'

But miss Balogh as unpretentious in person as she is, she definitely is a looker!
And you might guess right there....

...that she is Brazilian!
So as you can see, Priscila has been in these 2 movies lately, and I can't wait for more, obviously.
And she seems eager too.

The most recent vid sees her involved in acts of....

 ...yes, Deep Penetration! Courtesy of Morph Wyx.

This movie truly benefits from the great new design of the NaughtyMachinima website: downloading an HD copy of the video is easy, and it really benefits in quality. Pri's curves match up with Morph's patented brick wall constitution, and the result is vintage Wild Erotica.

Pri gets the promised Deep Penetration, and does some deep throating of her own! Oh, spoiler alert? My bad.

And in the aptly titled "Priscila Balogh x Jhownn", the blonde brazilian pornstar gets to show her assets in such a mirable way as well!

 The brazilian director chooses a very fresh and stylish approach for his video featuring himself and Pri, with funny antics with a handheld camera, and a crossfading montage extremely pleasing to watch. A good way to showcase the actress and put yourself in the movie in a cool way.

So, in short: go watch the movies! They are just below, after the jump. I recommend you to follow the links and download the files from NM if you have the chance, tho, they are worth a look with the best possible display options, and so is Priscila's butt! Staring is encouraged!

Please, if you have been involved in productions that I have not covered yet, or want to talk to me about future ones, let me know. I'd love to publish it here.

Priscila Balogh x Jhownn 

Deep Penetration 


  1. Is it just me or are naughty machinima's videos not loading at all? The advertisement will play but after that the video just sticks at 00:00/00:00. Whats going on? This is happening for all of their videos.

    1. No, it's not just you actually. :-) The download function works well, luckily.

      I reached the NM owner for comments, without addressing that specific issue, and from his words I can surmise that the website will be fully up and running within in a week, there is some fine tuning, so to speak, going on. The issue is certainly being looked into, anyway.

  2. Katina, thanks for the words. You alwaysa great person with me.
    Thanks one more time.

  3. Thank you Katina! Hope you all enjoy the movie!

  4. You are both very welcome, and I enjoyed the videos :-)