Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : A great pair !

The summer is so darn hot! And if you are a buxomy lady, it's time to let the juggs free to avoid unplanned tanlines, and read some ...

BUSTed Magazine


Yes yes! This summer as you have noticed, the award-winning magazine for the lovers of curves and discerning implant enthusiasts is back and brings us the most hefty load of valuable content in today's erotic periodicals, in a world tour of photoshoots!

Professional dj Kayla Whittaker in all her buxomy glory

Yes, because those 2 golden girls on the cover, not only bring to the magazine their choices, direction, initiatives as owners, but as you know, literally make the magazine with their versatile and protean photography. On this issue, once more you get many Pornstars in the spotlight, thanks to Rachel's pictorials of Jewell Infinity and Kayla Whittaker, and Bewitched Difference's take on Adele Simondsen and Mirella Artful. And not naming them all!

Mirella and her statuary body, inspiring painting work. 
Featured in this issue as fancy decor, Sam Hanks and Curtis Trevellion..

Not to mention the location feature on Elysion, the designer showcase with fashion and with furniture (featuring also the beautiful Rhiannon Skinstad), Be's zodiac with Urmeli Ellisson, and all the immense work that putting together a magazine of this size and magnitude involves.

Toni Rose in a vntage Busted photo! 

No coverage of Busted at this level would be complete without mentioning the name of yet another hard working girl in Domino Dupre, as photographer with her mouth-watering shoot of Toni Rose, and as blogger on the Busted website. Speaking of which: visit it to be updated about all things busty, check out more and more photos of curvy beauties, and that includes the magazine itself, avalaible in its online version. But don't forget to get your in-world version, because it's even easier. The Busted kiosks allow you to subscribe the magazine and never miss your new issues. Just enjoy the read.

And do not MISS it, because, you might have spotted it on the cover, you'll also find inside more information about joining the Miss Busty SL 2015, a really funny contest that has a past runner-ups well known models from our scene such as Ashley and Fleur. Let's see if this year, a Pornstar can grab the award and advocate world peace from a prestigeous spot! Don't wait too long, applications have to be submitted in the next month!

Please feel free to hit me with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions! I am always glad to cover your work. Enjoy!

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