Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wanna Flick? Zoey and Dillon

The movie scene keeps being active, and there are really fun and sexy vids coming out. Let's have a look at a couple, very different, ones. I'll start with...

Unsurprisingly enough, you'll love this movie if you are into feet, and lesbians. Or either. I dunno, I love both, especially bare!

The plot goes like this: "Stacia is studying at the 'Institute for Sex' school and has chosen for the Foot Fetish in Adult Humans for her degree. She has made an appointment with Zoey to complete her Foot Fetish study and has been recording all this happening on tape. Both do realise that it does lead into intense arousal!! " I think that the whole fact that they are at the 'Institute for Sex' school should have tipped them off. But I have obviously a dirty mind.

Like I said, this movie is obviously going to be a hit for those whose fancy is tickled by feet (I said fancy, not fanny. Although , there's that too!) but oh, rest assured, there's also some sweet carpet munching in this!

Stacia and director Zoey Winsmore look truly gorgeous in this flick. As usual per Naughty Pixel Productions, you can find more info, screenshots and all the options to watch this movie hosted in various sites, here on their blog. Great job ! A footjob, this time.

And now, for something entirely different,

First of all, I want Antonio's jacket. My friend Foffie would love it. Wow, i'll start with yet another shot from the credits...actually,more than one.

See? Dillon did it again, and involved a tremendous amount of hot pornstars in this: it's a movie as crowded as a real SL porn party!


 But besides the fun factor involved in spotting yourself or your friend or favourite pornstar, diva or divinity in this, Dillon as usual shots quite hot action keeping the action going with his very effective editing and never overbearing camerawork. And bangs Carly, which is always a plus for me.

And Antonio once more manages to be just the spectator of a whole slew of assorted meat bouncing going on before his very eyes. I bet he is the guy playing guitar around the bonfire while everyone else is making out, too.

 OMG PARTEE'S ASS IS IN THIS! I could close the post like that! Enough, it's obviously a must see!

....Well, Ok, I'll put more effort and post some more screengrabs, since the sequences with her and Mr. Dai are so hot... Magical, I'd say, possibly because all those portraits in the background remind me of my dirty dreams about sex in Hogwarts...ok, forget about that.

 ...but then I tell you, just go on and watch the whole movie. Again in Dillon's style, it packs a whole truckload of sexy stuff in a handful of minutes without ever feeling rushed. Enjoy this, after the hump. I mean, jump.

Here's the jump! Remember If you are a filmaker, actor, producer, etc. etc , just hit me up for a post! No i did not say 'Hit on me'. Sheesh! Well, if you are cute, maybe...And no, didn't say just "hit me" either. :O
Thanks, and now, enjoy

Lesbian Foot Fetish: The Study

Lesbian Foot Fetish: The Study powered by XTube

Party @ Cuntonio's

Party @ Cuntonio's powered by XTube

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