Friday, April 10, 2015

Catching up with... Omer Smithson

Today I am catching up a bit with the work of ...


Omer Smithson announced in group today the release of his latest project "3some in the Shower" -more on it later-, and earlier this week a client work by the name of...



Today, I am focusing on this one a bit more. The movie with its jazzy effects reminded me of his previous effort blogged on these pages, the very well made Magix Dance, featuring Quinn Ying.

I asked Omer about his new releases, and that's what he had to say:

"After the video "Magix Dance", I made a movie called by the pornstar Anita Dark and her friend! This video has received some success, around 1000 views in just one day! I agreed to do this video for my friend Anita, a shemale movie, but I like girls, pussy and big ass ...:)
My next video will be with a heterosexual couple. Yes, I like to play in my films, the shooting of this film is scheduled in a few days with porn star and girlfriend Carla Draesia and me!"

This one above, featuring also a personal favourite in Asari Dark Sun!
I am going to cover a bit more of that soon in another post, tho! Because Omer had something else to say...

"I would like to soon, a video orgy, or a foursome, me and three sexy girls in a carwash ...
I would like to make a small dedication to my favorite actresses: Carla Draésia, Anita Dark Vuiton and Quinn Ying!
Thank you to all those who look at my videos!"

So I am ending the post with a few screenshots from another movie Omer did in the past couple months with Anita...

Which of course showcase in full both their physique du role for porn.

And, according to Omer's preference, also here you have a couple of his favourite photos featuring himself and the 'happy porn family' he mentioned!



Two videos after the jump! If you are a filmaker, or an actor, producer, etc. etc , and would like your work to be featured, hit me up! Also, hit HD on the Naughtymachinima player, to get improved resolution. Thanks!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Shemale Show

Peep Show

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