Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Isabelle Cheviot's Working Out Series

Isabelle Cheviot's Dog Star Productions has probably been in this first trimester the most active SL porn movies production company, tallying as I am writing this post at 11 movies in 3 months, including an over 40 minutes long feature, for a total of well over 2 hour and a half of released footage.

And four of these videos are part of her 'Working out' series. And with this 4th episode, as Isa says...

 "I wanted to close out the Working Out series with something special...Mission accomplished!!"

So by the wording of it, this should be the last episode of this series, which featured over half a dozen of different actresses getting physical in the gym.

As I had the chance to mention in a recent post about one of Isabelle's movies, I really admire the skill she uses in picking up good angles for her shots and getting a good fit for the animations, which is a constant throughout this series too. I had to chuckle at the inventive way to present the credits in this latest 4th episode, too. You'll  just have to watch the movie and see. Well, watch the rest of the series too while you are at it, then!

But like, where? Well, here it comes now: a link to each movie's page in Dog Star Productions' blog, and after the jump you can see more snapshots and the movies themselves.

Working Out Volume 1 , Introducing Suzy Calamity and featuring Randy77

Working Out Volume 2 Featuring Suzy Calamity and Isabelle Cheviot

Working Out Volume 3 Introducing AshleyJai and featuring  Debzy Bubble and Randy77

Working Out Volume 4  , Featuring Amia Edelmann, Ariana Scarlet (Onomatopoesie), Debzy Bubble, Cybergirl Xstar, JoanieLehigh, and Isabelle Cheviot

Ok then....

You make movies? Are you part of one? Send me stuff about it and I'll feature it here!
Thanks, and now, enjoy, after the jump!

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

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