Monday, April 6, 2015

Retroville: Photo Conest!!

Jade and Lazy, getting to know each other? I wonder what comes next....

Retroville Roleplay Picture Contest! - Sponsored by Lazy8 Resident

 As many of you probably know, Retroville is an Adult rated 1950s themed urban RP sim. It is beautifully built with many locations that just ask to be played in and have pictures taken of them. With this in mind Lazy8 Resident has decided to sponsor a RP photo contest.

 Okay, the prizes, because we all know that is what you want to know about.

 1st - 10,000 $L.

2nd - 5,000 $L.

Judge’s choice - 5000 $L

"Story of the Whites" by Sarah White 

RULES. Yes, there are rules.

  - The pictures need to be taken at Retroville on the Hard Alley sim.

 - Pictures need to show or be taken during Role Play. We don’t care what the RP is, it just has to be RP. (OOC party pictures are not RP no matter where they are).

- There is no limit to the number of pictures you are allowed to submit.

 - Pictures do NOT have to be adult in nature! Retroville is an adult sim, but it is open to all forms of Roleplay, even G-rated!

 ** Pictures ARE NOT to be hard porn or X-rated. Hard R is okay, This means that if you could see it on HBO or Showtime, you are probably okay. Just leave something to the imagination. (for Flickr, this means Safe or Moderate. No Restricted)**

***Only pictures that have been added to the Flickr contest group will be considered. Please join and add the image to the Contest Flickr  Photostream by 11:59 SLT on the April 30th 2015.***

 - Put a short description of the RP in the description field. We don’t need or want your emotes, just something like “Little suzzie meets a rebel at the malt shop.” or “The T-birds challenge the Stone Greasers to a road race”. Pretty easy. The picture should tell the story.

- Make sure the picture safety rating is set to the right level. This means any pictures showing nipples or ass should be set to MODERATE. Pictures showing Penis, Vagina, or explicit sex are not allowed..

 - Pictures CAN have post-processing done using Photoshop, GIMP, or some other program. They DO NOT have to be raw shots. Show us your mad skillz!

  - You can use any props needed for the picture, please clean up when done and respect the sim. If you need help rezzing items for your photo shoot, contact Hard Rust, Spirit Eleonara or Jadelyn McAuley.

 ****Not following the rules WILL get your picture removed. If you have any questions, contact Lazy8 Resident, Hard Rust, Jadelyn McAuley or Spirit Eleonara.

 - A group of judges will look at the pictures and pick what they feel are the best pictures. The judging will be based on a few things.

-- Composition, content, and quality.

-- Sim theme appropriate Avatars and prop appearance. Basically, do the Avatars and any added props look/feel appropriate to the 1950s.

- The set of top pictures will be placed on sim so people can vote for their favorite.
- The picture with the most votes wins.
- judging will happen at the start of May, the 1st - 10th.
- Voting on sim will be from 15th of May - the 31st of May.
- Prizes will be announced and given on June 5th.

We look forward to seeing all of your great images!  Come on out to Retroville, explore, roleplay, have a great time!  Don't forget to take some pictures!

 Gia and Dizzy getting a little...naughty.

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