Monday, April 20, 2015

The Pornstars' Large Rack - New and Bigger Magazines!

What? Another magazine post? That must be the fourth in a week! Well....This time it's


Indeed! And I haven't covered the German one and the Brits are coming up with their own too! But I digress. 300 Pages?? Does it really deliver what promised?
Well, yep! A monumental effort for a first issue!

Or any issue! But magazine owner and main photographer  Jazmyn Crystal Storm (jazmyn950) was really set on making something special.

Jazmyn's partners in crime for this issue, Fashion Consultant CherishSky and Fashion Editor Krystal Steal

It will be obvious from the words of the creator, editor, CEO, publisher, etcetera Jasmyn, that you can read after the jump like you would on her magazine, that this was a labour of love. A lot of Pornstars and models are involved in this project, that sees also the contribution of Scorpion Productions for a spooky erotic story starring Vivi and Caelus.

Amongst the models included in this issue, well renowned stars such as Sexiest Awards multi-nominated and past Winner (you knew I was gonna find a way to sneak in a plug for the next award ceremony this weekend, didn't you?) Miss Emily, and models very active on the scene and that we don't often get to feature here, and even a couple that fell out of my radar, but I am so glad they were given a chance to appear here. More photos and of course the interview after THE JUMP!

Click below for the whole experience! And remember to send me your work if you are involved in a movie, publication, whatever our readers would like to see featured

Marisa Cherie (Marisa Aironaut)

Harley Chanel (44erharley)

Leanna Mai (leannamaisl)

Miss Emily (MissEmily23)


  1. Great work. well done all involved x

  2. this looks cool , and great interview

    how do i get the magazine?

    1. Oh, group notices if you are in the inworld Sexiest Pornstars group, look up the notices from jazmyn950 aka Jazmyn Crystal Storm in the history. Or contact her directly. If there is a SLurl for a kiosk or vendor, I will add it in the main post. Thank you!

    2. Jazmyn Crystal StormApril 21, 2015 at 11:56 PM

      Thank u for your wonderfully kind words! If you wish a copy of he magazine just send me an IM and friend request and I will send one to you and add you to our listing.