Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : April 14th

Omg It's Tuesday well that usually means titty Tuesday and while I got a lot of those for ya it's not all about the titties I've thrown in some Romance, some hot showers and a new member to our community, I mean like 4 days in (although not new to SL), showing us some amazing raw talent, that personally made me go WOW I even had to IM him to see how long he'd been doing it, very nice man. OKAY enough talking time for perving lol

A House Call ... by Iris and story by Ashlynn

At your garden by Ana Emerald

Do you like I am bad by Marika

Lazy Sunday Morning by Cream Release

Sexy and Naughty Schoolgirl Kibou by Angie Wild(OYO Mills

Pic taken from Monday's Pornstar Party hosted by Keeley and Dj'd by Pinkypie (Ayara) Titled Sexy Healing by Sasquatch Rhino

The Shower - Voluptuous By Sasquatch Rhino

The way i move by Zuby

Mellon-Dalton Romance by Thomas Dalton (Our Newbie :D )

Unplanned by Sandra Palletier (and Plain just fucking hot)

Okay that's it for today's Sexiest Pornstars Gallery I'll see you again tomorrow for the Hump Day edition so "hint, hint" get to Humping and for cums sakes take pics!! hehe
Kisses, Licks Sucks & Fucks
your Dirty Little Girl 

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