Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wanna Flick? Dog Star Produces More !

Isabelle Cheviot, as I did point out recently, is a very prolific filmmaker. In fact, I believe she needs a secretary or publicist just to make sure her movies are known and seen by everyone interested! Sometimes she doesn't publish notices in group, but even more so, this movie I found out about only thanks to the main actress' own blog, as it's not (yet?) on the Dog Star Productions' one.

"A new movie with me came out. It is from Dogstar Productions directed by Isabelle Cheviot. The movie is called "A legal affair". Starring was Rob Roxley and me. I played a lawyer who will do anything to get Rob Roxley to sign some papers... hope you enjoy:) Xx kisses Urmeli♥"

And I am starting to cover this one in particular. Urmeli appears here in a leading role after her very sensual showing in her partner Ravi's movie debut. She sports here too a very sexy, dark look that breaks the mould. And how gorgeous does she look...

...from every possible angle. As always, Isa indeed enjoys shooting from various angles, getting some really neat views. This movie is a 'talkie', so to say: no subtitles but a RL movie track edited in, the kind of technique made popular by Miss Emily's studio and now continued by many. I am going as far as saying that it starts out a bit on the slow side, but when the plot is established in the first few minutes thanks to the necessary dialogue, Isabelle lets just the camera do the talking and oh, it surely picks up!

There is a legal dispute to settle, and as in most SL porn creations, the shortest way to the solution goes through some handsome fella's pants!

...or does it? You'll have to follow till the ending to learn who gets screwed over!...and how.

The male star of this movie and the following is the same one, Rob Roxley (HotRob Roxley).

 You can easily tell he goes through quite the change of look to fit the role. Eat your heart out, De Niro!
He looks really cool in both roles even with obvious changes.

So, this 'other movie' is called "The Confession of Ariana" and it is very naughty from its very basic idea!

"In a dark church, Ariana confesses to her priest....who helps her pay her penance."

I must confess (ahem) that I haven't been to Mass in a while, or anywhere near a church (my country has so few of those, I'd need to walk almost 2 blocks to walk into one), so I haven't tested the possibilities of surprise groping through the booth. I will surely check for glory holes, tho.

You are not easily offended by this sort of stuff, hm? I hope not! (you probably missed Award winning SL porn classic 'The Widow' then....) but if you are, just pray for Isabelle's soul, and Rob's of course...

...and the actress Ariana Scarlet (Onomatopoesie) here, as she gets a really unorthodox type of anointment!
Very good look for the part as well, I am sure we'll see her again in more Dog Star productions.

So, in sum: another couple of solid efforts from Isabelle, putting again the spotlight on actors not often seen on the scene. Two movies with different settings, but both displaying full on naughty action. I love how mrs. Cheviot does her best to develop the story and keep her act fresh. A very positive presence on our scene, and I look forward to see what she has in store next!

Hello. Movies after this point! Enjoy them, and tell me all about them when you have time, if you star or direct one. I love to hear about them!

A Legal Affair

The Confession of Ariana

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