Thursday, April 30, 2015

We Want You! For Star Wars Day!

We want your pics! Monday is 'Star Wars Day' of course. May The Fourth! We hope to include some Star Wars themed content in a special Blog Gallery. So please if you're at a loose end this weekend put together a Star Wars inspired picture for inclusion here on the Blog. Or dig out an old favourite you took.

Send me 'Serenity Kristan' a NC in world titled 'Star Wars Gallery' with your full perm picture enclosed, or a link to your Star Wars pic, new or old in the NC. With Info on photographer and model(s). Monday Mid Day Second Life Time will be the latest you'll be guaranteed a blog appearance, however we may be able to squeeze in some late entries.

Remember if people don't send me any you'll just get a gallery full of my stuff. So i hope that's incentive enough!

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