Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello! Pornstars - June 10th 2016

Gangrul by Sunday Whitewood @ Club Yana

Ah, the weekend crept up on us, hasn't it? It's time for another Sexiest Pornstars party, at Yana's! Let me tell you, at a Pornstars Party anything can happen! Even hear me spew cliches! Ok, you are getting that from the comfort of your web browser already, but trust me, it's not about me. It's about all the photographers and directors you can meet!

Abby Fraser by Sunday Whitewood @ Club Yana

The sexy people you can, you know, talk to and have evil plans with! And of course, you can also simply show up and bam, be in a picture. By photographers who are there to have fun and gawk just like you. Just like it happened to Gangrul and to Abby Fraser, thanks to Sunday Whitewood.


Abby Fraser by Sunday Whitewood @ Club Yana

Orrr like it happened to evvvveryone else thanks to Yana Grau, hot strippin' dj and snapshottaire extraordinaire! You can meet everyone in there. Even the whole Oryl family!
Enough of my yapping, just enjoy these pictures! And come to the parrrrrty!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

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