Monday, June 6, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Beachin' Around (again!)

So after last month's anniversary issue, it's time to go drive our forklift to the closest newstand, and get the new, 544-page thick...


There it is, your monthly date with the adult mag that brings you new 'fresh' faces and familiar ones alike, who are interested in appearing in the very characteristic pictorial style that has accompanied The Sexiest Pornstars group for over a year now, and that so many of you enjoy. Judging at least from the quantity of models and the names that have transited on the plentiful pages

Natural beauty Terri on the beach. As usual, she blogged her appearance and had an outtake shot too! 

One of the models we're always glad to see gracing the printed pixels is of course the lovely Terri Topliss: after her debuting shoot in Brit-X last year she is shaping up to be quite the veteran now, with very few mags missing from her resume!

But Playhouse always shines when it comes to give new and different names a chance to appear, and even get the cover spot of course if they have the determination and they are good at networking enough to put worth on the table and win their monthly contest.

Beachbum BellaMarie has a feature covering different beaches in SL for this June issue

And of course the greatest asset for Playhouse lies in the determined yet playful approach by the owner Jazmyn, who gels together the variou segments of the magazine in a fluid progression, with some of the most notable girls 'built up' in the previous issues guest starring. Modeling shoots in this issue have a beach theme, they rock it and flaunt it actually! With a nice Beach special from pornstars group member BellaMarie Steele.

Jazmyn and Kiara doing some 'hosting' work for the issue

And that beach theme leads up to what Playhouse occasionally has been doing throughout this year: feature content much raunchier than the usual mag about pictorials. Which is something that of course here on The Sexiest Pornstars group can only approve of!

Enjoy the magazine, getting it through the kiosks at their sim and other locations, or in the Sexiest Pornstars group history notices. And don't forget, they have a MP store too!

And anytime you wish to have your work highlighted in the blog, feel free to tell me!

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