Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wanna Flick? Two times Three

Today, movie things, because why not! Beginning with the latest from a rather prolific director. And for that movie, there's simply no possible description that can top her own on her blog...

"Sometimes shy, young men need to be given a helping hand to find themselves....and sometimes they need a warm mouth and an active tongue. And sometimes they need their stepmother and a hot new neighbor to show them the ways of the world. Loving your neighbor has never been so much fun! See Kitten in her film debut along with Chris C and yours truly."

It is a pleasure to see Isa toy with unique and daring (I was about to say 'taboo-free', in homage to a series I am dying to see more episode of) setups, and certainly this movie has a rather kinky one. Also, she gets to show her spiritual side, with the evangelical title, the frequent kneeling , the hand folded action, the angelic smiles and attention to the family.

The movie is a new testament (see what i did there?), not that I believe there is need for such a thing (see what...ok, nevermind), to Isa's abilities as a porn filmaker and storyteller. Audio and video are put together with consummate editor skills in a flick with just about the right pace in every shot and with some pretty bombastic vocal performances!

Throughout the bazillion movies from her I have covered so far, I have pointed out certainly enough times Isa's ever inspired choices of angles and how easily she seems to 'get' what to show to make the most out of every situation and performer. 
The salacious onset unfolds its full potential thanks to the treatment by a director who loves to produce legitimate eye-pleasing closeups and virtuoso shots, but first and foremost make darn hot porn, managing to tell enough of a story through it to spice the interest, getting us in the mood, and keep that mood hot.
The 'interaction' between the avis  is truly exciting also thanks to that sort of detail often missing in other porn productions, from facial expressions to the way the shots are framed and composed.

Also, dat ass.

 Well, I said enough! CC (aussiecc) is a sure 'go-to' actor for productions, when a director manages to schedule him, he's gonna bring a proven, handsome look to the mix. And Kitten (dexette), at her movie debut here, is one of the brightest new names in porn; as usual, the screenshots top anything my written word could tell.

Speaking of bright newcomers...

Does she qualify as such anymore at this point? Monique LeFry has been around porn for just a few months and yet it's as if she's been around here forever. Therefore, she's old news and I just won't talk about her at all and... Oh come on, no! You cannot look past her, at any time. Stare at her, perhaps... Lots.

Well, this movie is indeed 'old news', in perfect Katina style in fact i am covering something that was released at the beginning of the year. Girlfriends 2 aka "Girlfriends 2 - The fun continues" is the...second episode in the....girlfriend series? Do I need padding of this post that badly? It's already quite long. 

No, seriously though. This is another one of Isa's series that I hope will have more episodes. I mean, a lesbian threesome, who doesn't like that? If you feel that something might be 'lacking', don't worry, the star of the movie rises to the occasion thanks to the wonders of technology and sturdy rubbery materials. And everyone has a great time

But I do find appropriate to feature this movie today, in the light of her being chosen as Dog Star Performer of the Month. I would run out of superlatives when it comes to describe her, and that is purely from a 'professional' point of view. Is there such a thing, though? I can certainly describe the original, beautiful avatar and testify about her skills and dedication as model and actress, but I think a lot of us in the porn scene also know her for her supportive, friendly and yet incisive and witty disposition. She is not just a pretty face with a silvery tongue: she really is able to make people come together.

Read and enjoy Isa's blog post about June's 'performer of the month' and you'll find a lot of what I could say - and perhaps you have a similar experience about her, I know I do !-. Moni is a fantastic performer, all year long, even in the snowboarding season!

Anyway, to wrap this up: featuring also another girl who made her presence well known to the porn world, the long limbed and greatly talented Lacey Nora (dawnlilys), this movie has a great mood from start to finish, and really hot girl-on-girl-on-another-girl action. 

And by 'to finish' I do mean that in Isa's movies sometimes it's worth staying tuned past the always impeccably produced (and 99% of the time factually accurate :p) credits. The tradition of the orgasm counter lives on!

So, check out these movies, after the jump, and talk to me about your flicks !

Love Thy Neighbor 

Girlfriends 2 - The Fun Continues 

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  1. First, great post and awesome movie with Kitten, CC and Isa. Isa is awesome at giving new stars opportunities.
    The girlfriends movie was so much fun to film... 6 months ago. :P I was just happy to be a part of my first movie and work with such extraordinary people in Isa and Lacey. And I can't begin to describe how honored I feel to be the DogStar June performer of the month. Amongst so many brilliant stars I feel blessed to be a part of this community.