Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Euro Magazines

We have a saying in Italy translating roughly as "Do not shoot on the Red Cross", meaning to not take aim at easy targets. I won't! So..


What I will most definitely do, though, is to tell you to grab the Euro 2016 Xtra issue of Brit-X, also called "Issue 13B". Having been spoiled by the latest issues and the fantastic quality and variety of pictorials, models featured, photographers and different features such as Laredo's '5 questions',you may see this themed special might as a little lighter in size than the normal Brit-X, and it is labeled 13B rather than a proper issue 14.

You can see how the quality of women soccer is sharply improving, and with babes like Paige, ratings will too!

Like I said, it's just because Kat and Laredo have spoiled us rotten! The issue has seven photoshoots, and I'd gladly show you at least one photo from all of them because their quality deserves it. Featuring the Brit-X girls Holly Arkright, Paige Snowpaw, Roxxxy Foxdale (twice over) and Kat Kassner herself, plus from the great city of Belgium Leffe Levenque and from the boot of Europe another Kat, this issue is a must-have.

Je suis désolée...

Yes the football theme can sometimes make these 'special's look outdated as the competition progresses (although most of the teams mentioned did pass the turn....well, a couple exceptions)

But tits are FOREVERRRR!!!!!

Lorenzo makes his move on the dancefloor at Brit-X by Laredo

Laredo's prettier, younger brother Lorenzo making a move on Brit-X regular Margarita Blanco

Also, as usual I really like to post Brit-X stuff on a Tuesday because it's Topless Tuesday time, and their parties are always a riot! You can find the club right here


So enjoy your issue now, from any of the subscribers such as the one on their sim! One click and you won't ever miss any issue! You can also perv the pictures on their website, of course, but Brit-X is always best experienced in-world , posters and all!

And feel free to IM me if you wish your work to be covered on the blog!

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