Friday, June 3, 2016

Hatters gonna Hat - Your week in challenges

We're always glad to use The Sexiest Pornstars blog to help promote and give visibility to contests and themed challenges, and this week offered again a few! We are open to publish more!

Leave your Hat on
Woiven in  "Leave your hat on" I make a Joe Cock-er joke here?

The group founded by magazine covergirl monopolyst Brea Brianna, P.A.S.S. , launched last week another theme, 'Hats'. This beauty of a photo by Woiven was a deserving winner, but the quality of all submissions posted through the P.A.S.S. flickr group was really noteworthy. A big thank you to everyone who put their name in the hat. So to speak!

P.A.S.S. ~ The Hat
Last week's winner Erinyes Celestalis in "P.A.S.S. ~ The Hat"....Focus, and you might see indeed a hat in the pic!

Life's A Beach on Monday
Terri Topliss in 'Life's a beach on Monday' . Again I swear there's a hat in there, if you just look up a little!

Hocus Poke-us
Toni Rose pulls a rabbit, well, a bunny out of the hat in "Hocus Poke-us"

A Hat Wears Missy
In Soviet Russia, "A hat wears Missy" . Really inventive photo by MissyLovesu , congrats!

Brea's group enjoys to give its members opportunities and help, and there are more initiatives coming up. Including a fantastic photo contest with a very unique opportunity. Which i won't divulge here because hey, join and you'll find out. So, if this theme was 'Hats', which one is the next?

Arrested development
Brea and Brad Luzt's interpretation of the  theme

LATEX DREAMS will be the next one...and I am sure you have a ton of latex in your inventory (and dreams in your head!) to put on camera

Last week saw a new theme launched also by Keeley Snowfall in her "Themed Thursday"

The Menu
"The Menu" by Keeley puts together for the first time Kenny Mrbigstuph and Kitten for the "Anyone that is new and not you" challenge issued last week

"The theme challenge for next Thursdays "Themed Thursday" for you all to have a go at is "Nerd".. any picture's done for these Themed Thursday's will be placed on the Pornstars Blog."
-Keeley Snowfall

You heard the lady! And we are indeed happy to publish the photos here on the blog.

For good results on your themes, feel free to use the group notices, to speak with me directly pointing out your ideas, coordinate with fellow members and also use Flickr as a vehicle to attract interest and an easy reference, flickr groups are made for that purpose.
I was actually thinking that a 'Fellatio Friday' group would be a neat idea...but that's just me maybe :-) Just look at some of the entries from these past 4 weeks

Fireside Fellatio
"Fireside Fellatio" by PJ Thornton, featuring Marcus Strong and Bubsee Lodenwald. .

Fellatio Friday - Wet All Over
"Wet All Over" by Igor Romanov, featuring Monique LeFry

Fellatio friday - naughty at the hospital room
"Naughty at the hospital room" by Sylvia Celestalis featuring Scotty

Fellatio Friday
"Fellatio Friday" by Sasquatch Rhino, fitting in somehow Rachel Swallows, again PJ Thornton and Monique LeFry, and a fourth set of lips.

As I asked, would you be interested in a permanent blog page with the latest contests and photo opportunities? It is something that would require your collaboration as well, to share with the community your 'finds'. Leave a comment if you like, and thank you!

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