Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Award Winning Magazines!

Heading into the last 7 days of the June, it's your last chance to easily get from kiosks and subscribers your copy of magazines released in the past month. That includes the first issue of...

SX Magazine

May 2016 Cover

Magazines in Second Life are a really popular choice, for reasons we tried to investigate in the past already. The simple act of working on an issue and 'finish' it brings some virtual tangibility and a sense of closure and fulfilment, and a new issue and a new challenge are soon ahead. Challenges that require to focus the efforts of a team towards a common goal and project. Is the project worth it? Does the magazine have a vision? From their blog page, let's see what the creed of this new creation is...

SX Magazine - Pages 4-5
Featured prominently in this first issue, Kayla Bombastic. With new and exciting girls coming up in the next !

" You got it right, this magazine is about sex. You may like it or not, but sex is a large part of Second Life. The industry is huge and fascinating, and can open your world to an abundance of possibilities you never experienced or even thought of yet. Sex is also our passion, and for this reason we decided to create SX Magazine. Through our open approach to each topic, we want to share that passion with you."

Needless to say, this is pretty much what bring our group together as well, with the label of 'Pornstars' for individuals who portray sex in so many different ways. There's more.

SX Magazine - Pages 18-19
Ivanna Hanni is one of the individuals interviewed by Gaheris Edelmann for his insightful article about BDSM.

" While you will find stunning, arousing, and downright naughty art here, we pride ourselves on being a magazine that focuses on the wonderful individuals and concepts of the sex industry. We aren't centered around page volume so much as bringing you quality photos and information with each issue. We are all about the buildup and release of interesting ideas, viewpoints, and information. "

The goal of the magazine in this first issue is very clear and as declared. SX Magazine is a new magazine, but the presentation is state of the art, and that should come to no surprise when you consider that the creator, Virgil (Virgilius08) has a proven experience with the very demanding format of the comic book.

SX Magazine - Pages 44-45
A very clever spin on the 'his and her perspective' concept, featuring the photography by Erika

Virgil's excellent design is supported the photography of someone who is a true revelation to me: Maya Bones (syataha Resident). You could not tell at all that this is Maya's first magazine. Her style of photography seems to be made for this task. She's not the only one providing photography: Erika Madazzhatter did a very professional job, and there are of course the original photos by the covergirl and pornographer (but also artist...fucking photographer or not!) Tatiana Easterwood.

SX Magazine - Pages 12-13
The everlasting debate!

With this kind of quality in the photos and the presentation up to the standard, I think I am not gonna be misunderstood when I say that the strong point of the issue lies in the written word. As mentioned above in the presentation, a bountiful page volume is not the main worry of the maker, but rest assured that this issue has a 'lasting' power greater than publications 10 times its size. (Is that why you took so damn long to write about it, Kat? Oh shut up, voice in my head).
But there's also another bit from the intro that I left out...

" Because we love the SL sex industry, its artisans and concepts, we've decided to kick off the birth of SX Magazine by organizing the SX Magazine Awards. The awards are open to photographers, models, directors and actors. This is our way of celebrating the SL adult business and its people, showing everyone in our second world what our wonderful artists can create."

SX Magazine - Pages 26-27

Ah damn it! Just as I THOUGHT that we were done with the Sexiest Awards thing and all...
Okay, here's the deal.

You have to read more about this contest , on theSX Magazine blog, and on the magazine itself. In fact, in the upcoming new issue you WILL read more about it. More than you can imagine.
Right now, if you have questions about this new photo-movies extravaganza and are already looking forward to a future with a gala, possible statuettes and all that, IM Virgilius08 Resident, or even myself, Katina Cazalet. We'll try to answer your questions, and hopefully help out with what is meant as a celebration of talent (yes, I hear that every year!).

Regardless of that, check out the darn magazine! Through the in-world kiosks (for instance at Miss Emily's club), but also online on Issuu!

And feel free to talk to me about more blog posts about your work !

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