Monday, June 27, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Suitable Magazines!

What to wear what to wear? Well it's summer dammit. Wear a swimsuit or something. It is shark week and those cuties need to eat something. And if you are short on ideas, how about having a look at....

Attention Magazine

Attention June '16 ~ The Swimsuit Issue

As the woman behind the metaphorical printing press Athena details in the blog post of the debuting Attention blog, the next issue of the magazine will be up this Friday, with yet another party coming up to celebrate it.
The issue will have a special feature of a level and scope that rivals with this month's, and will be a whole theme throughout the pages. From an idea of co-owner and lead photographer Rachel Avro, it will be a 'Boys of Summer' issue. You can see the photos from the first release party of Attention here and here, and Yana Grau's photos from the second party will follow this week. If you haven't checked the magazine out yet, you REALLY might want to fix this mistake.

Morgan St.Cyr is one of the many models inside this issue, in a truly epic photoshoot coordinated, shot, edited by Partee

I am itching to give you some 'insider scoop' about it, even post a preview of the cover! But Athena has been charmingly perfidious, throwing so much material and then making me swear to silence about...stuff!

I'm all fangirly ... I got to take pictures of Dillon Lecker.  [...]
Some of the people we are featuring for the July issue will blow people away. I'm pinching myself."

Forgetting for a moment how, I am sure, many of you would like to relieve Athena of this whole pinching task and perform it yourselves, let me just say: if the first issue seemed really well put together already, it's with the second and subsequent issues that you can really see what a magazine is made of. And Attention, after a strong opening, capitalized on the momentum and managed to put some twists and turns.

Sitting and relaxing

Attention magazine has a blog page, a presence on MP, an in-world group for modeling, and also a flickr group! This pic from Jos Loll was one of the editorial picks of this month.

Examples of the first kind, in Athena's words: "Some of the people we worked with in May led directly into June. We heard from the sim designer of May that she had opened another sim after our article came. out. So we featured her again. Then we wound up doing boats a second month in a row because the partner of Analyse Dean was keen after hearing about her experience with us."
Talking with Athena, it was easy to feel that she had sincere enthusiasm for the lineup of this issue, which mirrored mine from the sheer name value, and added to it what sounded like a positive personal experience. Not difficult to believe at all.

Brunella's interviews shine in magazine format.Waiting on her getting her own morning show, just a matter of time!

And for the second type, well...I do have an obvious example and once more in Athena's quotes, but first: Brunella Voelisa's interviews with movie director, photographer, blogger, writer and all around babe Alexandria Topaz about her latest movie, and with, enough said, Mr. Collinson. The newest addition to the Attention ranks, Graham perfects the presentation of his past work and perspective on life and photography through what he does best: showcasing one of his favourite models in a fab spread. Shyla (imcalgal).

An obvious choice for a cover model, Brea ended up with her natural engaging demeanor being an integral part of the staff and vision of the magazine.

Attention does an excellent job showcasing locations and fashion, through a cohesive and elegant graphic presentation and editorial work. Every staff member has an area of focus, but you will see the names of the co-owners Athena and Rachel Avro recurring with their photography, together with the work of substance and concept carried out by product-researcher (and Beauty of the month for this issue!) Brea Brianna and by Jon Demen , who has a vital role at the direction of the magazine .
And the entertainment and artistic contributions from BeeQueen Smythe and from Whimsical Aristocrat are the wildcards that escape narrow definitions and give that stroke of genius or madness that gives extra spice to the mix.

Allorando's Last Dance #6

Whims' writing and photography always surprise. 
(no Attention Construction Editors have been harmed during the making of this shoot)

Have I forgotten something? Well yes, I owe you still a quote from Athena...

"When I hired Partee for Attention, she immediately expressed an interest in doing a swimsuit issue. I loved the idea. Several brainstorming sessions later, we came up with the idea of building the entire issue around the idea of the swimsuit. That idea has set the tone for future issues of Attention and really gave us the focus we needed. Moreover, Partee gave her heart and soul to that article. She was, without question, the star for the month of June."

Together with the beauty that is Envy Watts, let me list briefly the models shot by Partee: Aerala, Ali Lancrae, Ally Glendale, Anyka Aiseiri, Arienne Evangeline, BetteAnne Page, CeeCee Storm, Dayjavuu, Erin Cedarbridge, Faith Darrow, Fawn Serenity, Jo Devoitine, Kimmyo, Lara Sands Dieterle, Michelle Deveraux, Monique LeFry, Morgan St.Cyr, NP Milneaux, Racheal Rexen, Rachel Avro, SaraWW001 Warwillow, Shyla, Sunday Whitewood, Tisha Carfield, Tomcat Tackleberry. Damn, this is so hard to read!

I find fitting to close on this particular note, and I know that for the next issue i will have to write even more names and spend even more superlatives about this magazine. Get your copy on Marketplace, or on any of the kiosks, before the new issue comes out this Friday!

Want to be on the blog as well? Feel free to write me about your projects and let's see if we can put some more...stuff! in here!

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