Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Babes with Blades!

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday...what happens on Tuesday?
Oh yes. It's time to bare them tits, and who is better at that than the guys at...


Brit-X No13 - Out Now!

Brit-X is one of my personal favourites when it comes to SL erotic magazines. While it does not feature explicit porn, every page oozes sexiness. Metaphorically.
Any physical oozing has to be attributed to the fact that Laredo performs 'quality control' on every copy issued....ok you don't wanna know about that.

Christie by kat
This is Christie, and that's how she rolls.

What can be said about Brit-X that the photos themselves don't explain already sufficiently? And I mean the pics of this very issue, forgetting for a moment the magazine's history and the memorable look of some of the prominent regulars. Because, Brit-X surely includes in every issue some of the trademark 'Brit-X girls', but also so much fresh blood (not necessarily your bodily fluid of choice), and the impression is, that it really cultivates talent who fit very well with the magazine style. As Laredo says in his intro: "I feel each set has its own distinct flavour to enjoy!".

Angi by Talisker
The well mannered Angi in a masterful photoset by the Zatlan of porn photographers, Talisker

Featured in this issue, the photography of Talisker Braveheart and Luna Meleth complements Kat Kassner and Laredo's, together with the cover worthy photoshoot by and with Chuisle Alecto. And as for the models line up, each one could have been a perfect covergirl, starting with someone who is no stranger to covers for sure, the one and only Miss Emily.

Miss Emily by Laredo
The beautiful model from the overseas colonies, Miss Emily

And Brit-X means also party fun every Tuesday, starting 2:30 PM SLT, at their own new sim. Tonight's dj will be Keif, who has been a pretty popular choice last time around. What I said a zillion times for the party photo posts is even more true for the magazine and every other Brit-x initiative. Be part of it, be seen, join the fun! Come kick Laredo's balls!
No really. 

Brit-X Tuesday - Euro Style by Laredo
A snippet by Laredo from last week's special set, Euro 2016 themed 

You can browse the magazine online on the Brit-x website, together with their archive, but the in-world edition is worth getting: which other mag gives you free posters? You can get that edition here on MP, on the Olde London Village sim when you go to party later...and also, if you subscribed, you can already see their Euro 2016 special!
Which I'll probably cover on these pages as well because it has the winning Brit-X formula. Boobs! Seems easy enough, but try and put together a mag of this quality, and we'll see!

Speaking of seeing : if you wanna see some of your work featured on the blog, IM me, I am happy to help with the coverage!

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